Formula E Mexico City E-Prix

Aww, thanks RasputinLives . I forgot my password, then over the winter my attention went to other things. Now that F1 testing's underway I'll be checking in from time to time on all the goss!

Further to my post above, Mrs Legs was on the dog 'n' bone to my FIL on Tuesday night, and was waxing lyrical about how exciting the race was, and how he ought to watch it on iPlayer...

There's another difference between FE and F1. In F1 the two waring parties would have blamed each other.

In FE they get on so well that, even after a big crash, they rub each other down with a soothing balm. Presumably it would be a palm oil free, not tested on anything, Body Shop scented fruit balm with added health benefits ?
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