Pascal Wehrlein

If that's what you're into
there is another thread on him already

Firstly RasputinLives pointed out DTM champions and drivers who moved into F1 from the series do not have good record.

the most successful driver out from the DTM series was Fisichella with 3 wins over 13 years in F1. So the question is if the series does help groom future F1 stars or not like the same way GP2 or World Series 3.5 does?
Oh yes, I see it now. But I think he started it after this one if you check the time. I did do a search first and there wasn't one.
Maybe somebody could combine them?
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The other one is a very thorough post rather than a link and a few pictures. No need to merge, genuine racing orientated posts should go on Ras's post which is a very good kick off.
It's an excellent post by Rasputin, but a thread already existed, so best to merge them, it's silly to have two threads about the same driver.
That would be silly since this one was started a whole day earlier and people have commented, replied and liked posts. Merging is what happens in these cases not thread deletion.
Now...can we get back to discussing Wehrlein?

I personally hope Rossi becomes his partner since he's rated pretty well from his races last year, so that would be a good benchmark for Wehrlein.
He's had seven full days testing for Merc and Force India where he performed well and consistently. So he's not going to be completely new to F1.
Sorry. Don't mean to course confusion. I Don't think threads can be merged. Especially with Brogan out of the loop at the moment.

How about we keep my thread for all things race related and this one to rub our knees and drool over him?
No worries, it's easily done.
I think we've done with our girlie talk though, there are only so many times you can discuss his abs. It was a lighthearted add on to the actual link about him.
Surely someone has mod privileges to merge? it's an easy job with mod tools.
Be silly to split the discussion into two threads, there's bound to be overlap.
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