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After each race Sky TV run an Ask Crofty session, where you can tweet a question to David Croft and he and the other members of the Sky team will attempt to answer it. Here's a chance to tell Crofty, and suggest some of the things he throws out which you would rather he didn't.

I'll kick you off. He endless talks about the "importance of pole position" and how "X of the last Y races have been won from pole". There is a simple explanation for this David, the fastest car usually qualifies on pole which is why they then go on to win the race. This isn't some statistical quirk, it's a matter of fact.

Feel free to extend this to other members of the Sky team as I know there's a lot of love for Ted Kravitz on the forum (who I actually think is quite good, so hey ho!)
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i like crofty but i wish he would shut up about sky glass. which F1 fans are switching on late we all know when the sessions are starting
Crofty is again an employee and to promote Sky Glass is part of his contract, no Sky Glass chat then a new presenter who will, standard blame the messenger instead of the Murdoch's
It may be outside of the bounds of this conversation but I really would love to ask Crofty (and his chums in the comm box) why they feel like they have to act as promoters for the sport.

Think of most other sports broadcast live on TV, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing whatever, if the match is dull or the fight boring, the commentators will say so. They'll give credit for the good and highlight the poor.

F1 commentators seem scared shitless to say anything negative. I am willing to bet, if you go back and watch some of the dullest F1 races you can think of, the commentry team will be telling you how great it is, how it's like chess at 200mph, how much skill is required to drive these cars and yadder, yadder, yadder.

Wouldn't it be great at the end of a race if Crofty just stated how crap it was. Even if post race interviews were more honest. The Drivers are asked, "so, you sat there just over a second behind for 40 laps and didn't seem to be able to do anything about it, we were bored stupid watching, what was it like for you" not "Great podium finish, you drove a brilliant race, your balls are glowing gold and the fans love you".

Basically a more honest reflection of what we watch not a Liberty media PR exercise masked as a race commentary.
Crofty is again an employee and to promote Sky Glass is part of his contract, no Sky Glass chat then a new presenter who will, standard blame the messenger instead of the Murdoch's
Doesn't mean you have to enjoy it.

On the inability to critcise, they are "embedded" and part of the circus. If they say anything bad then the teams won't engage with them. Look at how aggy Christian Horner got with Damon Hill when he said something bad about the quality of racing and lack of competition. Since then Sky haven't had Damon and Christian on screen together.
It really is a case of the tail wagging the dog.

It does call into question their integrity as journalists.

You only have to look at the relationship between the UK broadcast media (Sky and C4 are just as bad as each other) and their never ending love in with Red Bull and in particular Mr Horner.

I don't for one second believe other teams wouldn't want to take part in during the race chats and it's only Red Bull who do.
The problem is that when interviewing other team principals they don't say what Sky want, that is to slag off other teams, Horner and RB are quite happy to do that, you have to remember Sky Sports is there to cause controversy irrespective of any facts to the contrary. There have been a few sports where Sky have pulled the rug or seriously cut the budget because they haven't played ball.
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I question the worth of any of the discussions with the pit wall. It doesn't matter whether it's Binotto, Shithousen, the bloke from McLaren who is instantly forgettable, or Chrissy. They tell us nothing and it adds nothing to the coverage. May as well go back to interviewing the dads in the garage for what its worth.

It's always:

Comm "So X, it looks like the tyres are lasting longer than expected, how will this effect your strategy?"

X "Well we may one stop, or two stop or possibly one two stop with a full somersault into a pike"
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