Poll Out of Ten: 2015 British Grand Prix

How did you rate the British grand prix out of ten?

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Found a dodgy feed on holiday. It promised to be an 8 or 9 until the pit stops for wet tyres and then was as predictable as the rest of the season so 7. Williams, bow your head in shame for not letting the faster driver take the lead when he could have run out a small gap from the Mercs, although with the rain at the end it wouldn't have made any difference.


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I went for an 8, I was actually disappointed to have not attended this year (first in a while I have not been to and made the decision based upon boring races in the past). It would have been higher if we hadn't lost most of the mid to low field runners in the first corner, could see some decent fights coming through the field that were just destroyed by a couple of Lotus cars managing to destroy everyone elses race :(


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So I really enjoyed that one. It was great to see the 4 Merc cars battling at the front. Wish it had been Bottas out front though. Can't remember the last time all the battling was at the front and not in the midfield.

Have to give a quick mention to Vettel as his drive remindered me of Senna in the 1990 season. He was off pace all weekend, he was being out paced by his team mate yet somehow he comes home 3rd!

I gave Malaysia an 8 so I have to give this a 9. I did enjoy the race but I am already getting a bit annoyed by the media telling me how lucky I am to have seen a great race and there is no need to change F1.

I'll just point out that the race was good because another team got in the mix. Why did that team get in the mix? Testing! Sort it out.

Bill Boddy

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The Williams drivers jumped the Mercedes drivers at the start. Massa was in the lead and able to fend of Bottas who, despite DRS, was unable to get past. Bottas's DRS cancelled out Hamilton's DRS which cancelled out Rosberg's DRS.

Hamilton pitted first thus getting the undercut on Massa who pitted a lap later as did Rosberg. Bottas pitted a lap after Massa/Rosberg. Due to the gap caused earlier by Hamilton between Bottas and Rosberg the latter was still in fourth place.

Around 14 laps later there was a light shower of rain. Due to the crap handling of the Williams cars in the wet and extremely good driving by Rosberg he went past both Williams and was catching Hamilton by 2 seconds a lap (not bad for a number 2 driver). Hamilton then pitted followed a lap later by Rosberg who lost around 11 seconds in the lap due to it getting wetter.

During the pit stop melee Vettel managed to jump the Williams drivers by a combination of faster driving and getting the timing of the stop right.

From then on to the end there was another procession the most notable feature being that Ericsson pitted 4 times allowing Alonso to finish in tenth position with 1 point.

So five minutes excitement in ninety minutes racing. Welcome to modern F1 racing.


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I rewatched this race after Hungary. And I came to the conclusion that it was boring. I had thought at the time it was exciting, but nope, it wasn't.
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