Grand Prix 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

here we are finishing the season, always surprised that season goes so quickly, this year is finishing earlier than normal because with the world cup in such short proximity they didnt want a clash & got to say we have a lot of fun. not for Ferrari because i wonder if this is worst season for a while, to have the designed the best car in 2022, take 12 poles & yet at the end of the year they are fighting to avoid being 3rd in Drivers & Constructors is dreadful

its surprising how much abu dhabi longevity creeps up on you as i still considering it as the new guy yet this is currently the 14th edition which is as many as we have had at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, marina bay, Nurburgring (under the guise as European gp) & more than Turkey. obviously we have to do the elephant in the room of 2021. & how terrible was bottas at abu dhabi, after his horror show in russia id go as far to say he was more of hinderance than a help to mercedes only confirmed why russell was overdue that seat. qualifying 6th & trundling around behind a alpha tauri in 8th for most of the race. giving whats his name an open goal. nothing else controversial happened that day LOL

the location as really developed since we started in 2009. because it has turned into tourist destination, as well ferrari world from the start on yas island, a louvre art museum a 30 min drive from the circuit a water park, warner brothers world, sea world, a massive 3 floored shopping centre with a cinema, 2 golf courses & most important tourist attraction a huge IKEA

but dont worry we only have 93 days until testing & 104 days until the season begins & we do this all over again. also have a look out for the 14th CTA driver of the year poll on monday, even if i got a feeling i already know the runaway winner
Well, I say after practice there still isn't much hope for Ferrari. They seemed off the pace again. But it should still be an interesting Qualifying with Mercedes v Red Bull. Hopefully the race isn't a snooze fest. It was cool to see all the rookies in FP1. They all had problems it seemed like with Pato barley driving at all. I wonder, with the Indy guys getting tests in the McLaren, do any of them really have a shot to get a seat with the team? It would be cool but I have my doubts.
Ferrari are really struggling this weekend on the long runs they are apparently half a second slower than max & then leclerc saying his softs are gone by the 1st sector. i guess they've got to hope the cooler temperatures will help

& the big controversy, which admitally it looks bad

i guess it all comes down if the red light was on the dash. as light boards from what i saw only had red on reverse & yellow on front side. Norris is right but probably because he was told over the the radio but seems to me he slowed at the 1st opportunity. & if the marshalls are late to put the flag out thats not on hamilton or any driver.
Danny Ric confirmed as reserve driver at Red Bull for 2023, but there are stories that Max is pushing for him to replace Perez.

surely not Max & Sergio have shook hands & moved on LOL

The F2 sprint race has just come to an end. I'd forgotten just how dull and featureless the F1 "installation" at Abu Dhabi is.
yeah all real fans know that the season should end in Brazil but Bahrain & Abu Dhabi pay a premium to have them slots. F1 have the opposite of the old adage leave them thinking thank god thats over
Well, Ferrari surprised a little bit I guess. I think the main hero of Qualifying though was Vettel. He put in some fantastic laps and I'm looking forward to see what he can do in his last race. Man, the slow traffic in the last turn was awful. Hopefully there is something to spice up the race tomorrow... Latifi.
Danny Ric confirmed as reserve driver at Red Bull for 2023, but there are stories that Max is pushing for him to replace Perez.

If that does happen I would assume that Ricciardo will not play nice with Verstappen.
So, Verstappen to ignore all team orders and win with Perez second, or Verstappen to slow down on the last lap to let Perez past at the last corner, to drive home the "you only win when I let you" dynamic?
None of the above.

Leclerc and Perez to DNF and finish on equal points with Leclerc ahead on count back and Horner having to go on TV afterwards to explain why Red Bull didn't finish first and second in the drivers championship without blaming Verstappen.
Of course, the stewards opened a can of worms by telling Hamilton that he had to give the position back to Sainz on lap one, when he kept his place in a mirror image to 2021...
Thank Christ that seasons over.

Massive farewell to Seb and I hope he appears at the 24 hours next year.
Think the race summed up the season for every driver in the top 6
Verstappen- He is not a team player and Red Bull will do everything to protect him
Leclerc - if only he had consistency and better pitfall strategy
Perez - the only way to stop him winning and making Verstappen not move over was to pit him and put him on a duff strategy . You're No2 mate so don't kid yourself about Verstappen 's intentions
Sainz - not at as good as last year vs Leclerc
Russell- keeps Hamilton honest at least
Hamilton - lowest driver placing but still would the driver Red Bull and Verstappen fears the most if the Mercedes is quick. His holding up of Perez is scant consolation for last year. Next season he needs to come out firing because no doubt his driving deserved better than 6th
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