Grand Prix 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

here we are finishing the season, always surprised that season goes so quickly, this year is finishing earlier than normal because with the world cup in such short proximity they didnt want a clash & got to say we have a lot of fun. not for Ferrari because i wonder if this is worst season for a while, to have the designed the best car in 2022, take 12 poles & yet at the end of the year they are fighting to avoid being 3rd in Drivers & Constructors is dreadful

its surprising how much abu dhabi longevity creeps up on you as i still considering it as the new guy yet this is currently the 14th edition which is as many as we have had at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, marina bay, Nurburgring (under the guise as European gp) & more than Turkey. obviously we have to do the elephant in the room of 2021. & how terrible was bottas at abu dhabi, after his horror show in russia id go as far to say he was more of hinderance than a help to mercedes only confirmed why russell was overdue that seat. qualifying 6th & trundling around behind a alpha tauri in 8th for most of the race. giving whats his name an open goal. nothing else controversial happened that day LOL

the location as really developed since we started in 2009. because it has turned into tourist destination, as well ferrari world from the start on yas island, a louvre art museum a 30 min drive from the circuit a water park, warner brothers world, sea world, a massive 3 floored shopping centre with a cinema, 2 golf courses & most important tourist attraction a huge IKEA

but dont worry we only have 93 days until testing & 104 days until the season begins & we do this all over again. also have a look out for the 14th CTA driver of the year poll on monday, even if i got a feeling i already know the runaway winner
by abu dhabi standards, i thought it was entertaining, some nice overtakes & battles. id go as far to say its up there as 1 of the best we've had. i enjoyed how different strategies worked for different people 1 stop worked for some but not others & 2 stops worked for some but not others

Sainz on the 1st lap i thought was far too aggressive in id say desperation to stay behind leclerc to help him get 2nd. because it was bad move for me, he outbraked himself & then forced Hamilton off. although i havent got a clue what was up with the stewarding decisions.

although i did enjoy some similarities to last years race
Red Bull chasing somebody down on last lap
Latifi in the barriers
Hamilton left out on Hard tyres that were finished
Heartbreak for Hamilton in the final laps
Today only said one thing you need to know about Red Bull ..that is they are scared of upsetting Verstappen and his inflated ego.

Perez needs to hire the El Mariachi next season to threaten Horner if he delusionally thinks he will be in a fair fight vs Verstappen

I won't accept this phoney world champion and Horner licking his a$$ every race. Let's hope next season Mercedes come back with a vengeance
Thank Christ that seasons over.

Massive farewell to Seb and I hope he appears at the 24 hours next year.
I would love to see him in the 24 next year. That would be brilliant!

As far as the race goes... The first half was alright and the last half was okay. I wish we could have had a bigger battle for the win and or 2nd. If Max wasn't there the race would have been thrilling! But... alas. I hope next year is way, way tighter no matter who the teams battle for wins are. I will say though, I think Mercedes had the most disappointing season out of all the teams. Only one win and they failed to keep Hamilton's record. A lot of people are being super hard on Ferrari for not winning the championship but we have to remember that their result is a big improvement from last year. Hopefully they keep up that momentum.
no i dont think they wouldve, they would take the fight longer if they had maximum in the 1st half of the year, but they wouldve lost because they obviously dont know how to develop the car & going from best car to 3rd best car
DRS assisted overtakes are not exactly what I consider to be "exciting". We were, once again, given the Kwik Fit Grand Prix where what happened in the garage was of greater importance to the result that what the drivers did on the track.

To use a very old expression, it only takes two cars to make a motor race. The cars in Abu Dhabi were not racing, they were driving round in circles.
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