Poll Out of Ten - 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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There's something wrong with me too. I give it 9 but I thought it was a cracker! :D

p.s. Who says you can't overtake at the Hungaroring? Saw a few people who did ... and the DRS wasn't overly simplifying. Real nice podium to see as well. Especially nice to see 'Nando up there.
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Gonna vote despite the fact that I didn't really watch for the first 30+ laps.

2014 is becoming a bit more like racing (and what I expect), so will give it a 9. There will be a 10 sometime this season, hopefully.
10 - 9 for the race and 1 extra for the teeth on the podium

I'll echo those comments above. Best ace of the season, and a thrilling battle for the lead. Driver with high top speed but worn tyres in front, driver with slower but more durable tyres in second, and driver with fresh fast tyres in third coming up trumps in the end.
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