Out of Ten - 2013 Italian Grand Prix

2013 Italian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Dull. If it wasn't for Hamilton/Raikkonen at the end of the race, there would have been no point in watching the race.
5, Only Hamilton and Raikkonen made it interesting with their various battles throughout the race, apart from Alonso's superb overtake on Webber early on there was literally no battles at the front and we all knew who would win the race after the first corner
6/7 territory for me and I'll go with a 6. It wasn't a bad race but it was by no means a classic. Some good overtakes including Alonso on Webber and a few from Hamilton but that's about it and if Spa was depressing in terms of the championship battle then today was a disaster. It's a shame circumstances put both Hamilton and Raikkonen out of position because they were both matching or exceeding race leading pace.

Hamilton and Raikkonen aside overtaking seemed pretty scarce - it was strange that Rosberg never really challenged Hulkenberg for example.
On basis Spa got 5, it's 5 as well ...... though I was probably being kind to Spa and maybe a little critical here.

Anyway, I'm off on hols for next two weeks so not giving too much thought to it, concentrating on packing this evening! :)
Can't have .5's so maybe I was generous and opted for going up .5 to give it a 6. Some half decent overtakes here and there but little else to commend the race with. I think I may have been slightly less hard on Monza because it was no where near as big a dissapointment as Spa.

In my view, the reason the scores are falling as the season drags on isn't so much to do with FOM and more to do with Vettel. Let's be honest, the title must be in the bag now. No one has reall stepped up and provided a consistent challenge all season and I don't see that happening now.
Beginning to think my 7 was a bit generous now. Enjoyed it much more than Spa though for some reason. Sometimes it's down to personal mood as well but some of the passing was pretty good and not overly exaggerated by DRS/KERS. If it wasn't for bloody Seb ruining it again (those meddling kids as the baddie in Scooby Doo might say) it could've been a gripping race. I forget how good a circuit Monza can be as well.
I forgot to mention - the requirement to pace the car to the end of the race without tyres/gearbox/engine/fuel failing is still too high and killing the racing. If only those frontrunners could've taken some more risks and fought for the front then it could've been better, but there's just too much to lose in possibly sacrificing points & car.
Even being in attendance did not stop this from being a dire race. Alonso's overtake may have seemed better than it actually was because of the emotion attached to it. 4.
5. Not much going on, except at the end with Raikkonen and Hamilton, to bad Webber had a gearbox issue he could have challenged Alonso for 2nd.
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