Out of Ten - 2013 Italian Grand Prix

2013 Italian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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5 for Lewis' breathtaking drive. 1 for everything else therefore a 6 from me.

I'm totally with Galahad on this one: this is what you get when there is no tyre deg. A procession, with one or two amazing moves. By and large though, you couldn't overtake, even with the dreaded DRS... Be careful what you wish for next time!

I remember reading an article earlier in the season ... a quote from an anonymous source on the pitwall stated that speculated that but for tyres provided by Pirelli the #1 Red Bull would be lapping about two thirds of the field every race ...
To be fair, I think most people (among which I count myself) have not necessarily been calling for tyres that are super-durable, with little or no difference between the compounds. It makes perfect sense, if you are going to insist on two compounds of tyre being used in a race, to have a significant performance differential between those compounds - otherwise, what's the point of them?

What I wished for earlier in the season was for tyres which neither exploded nor suddenly lost all their performance after only five laps or so. The situation we had up to and including Silverstone surely couldn't have gone on.

I'm only a punter, but I can see no good reason why two tyres couldn't have been specified for Monza that would have fulfilled this brief, whether medium/supersoft, hard/soft or whatever.
When it comes to the vote, well, for the last couple of races, I've decided to abstain.

DRS "overtakes" and the fact that the winner was essentially decided at turn 1... The races have been rubbish, regardless of who actually won.

As there isn't a "nil point", abstention is the only recourse for me...
It's early days yet in this poll but it seems like two poorly rated races and the summer break have damaged visits to the forum and, I assume, general interest in F1. If another 10 people vote in the next week and a half that won't be true but usually the vast majority of the votes come in a couple of days and we're quite a way short of 50 at the moment. [snip]

The reason that I've abstained, rather than vote, is because I'm dissatisfied with the F1 season.

Yet I am still interested in F1 and this forum, so I've given a reason for this. Therefore, my reasoning can be registered, if not the statistic...

Of course it could be, by registering non/spoiled votes... But then again, I'm just as happy as it is, by abstaining and giving a
reason... :)
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Wanted to go 7, but nothing happening at the front so went for 6.

Upside: Good midfield battles, drivers managing the tyres rather than visa versa

Downside: Boring front of field, DRS... Monza... are you insane?!?

I'm bucking the trend, my low scores early in the season as I couldn't see Drivers, Cars or Team strategy making one jot of difference over the luck of the draw with the tyres - nearly made me give up on the "sport", now the tyres are settling down I'm starting to enjoy myself again as you can see the drivers gaining confidence in their cars and driving the race rather than just hoping they make it, so my scores are simply going up... F1 is coming back, less overtakes than the early part of the season, but at least more of them are real.
Some good battles which were not seen on TV and was there so 8. Well done Chilton for being ahead of Bianchi for so long, but for being team mates I doubt that he would have allowed that overtake at the first chicken.

Massa let Alonso through because the tow on the Curva Grande made Alonso quicker. Alonso then opened up a gap large enough so that on succeeding laps Massa did not get a tow. Sorry if this goes against any preconceptions.
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