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2013 Canadian Grand Prix Out of ten

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2 for the opening laps, 3 for the last few laps and 1 for the Vettel win (finger) ;)


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Qualifying was interesting but very dull race after the 1st lap, only overtaking was DRS based and to top off a miserable race we had Eddie Jordan on the podium.... 4


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2. This was such a disappointment..!

Every overtake was DRS orchestrated and was broadcast for all to see way before the actual event. Why has it taken so long for me to realise the DRS level. (Dragged to the Really Shit Level).

I found Monaco more exiting than Montreal...


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1 off for it not being as good as some previous Canada GP's, 1 off for no one getting near Vettel and 1 more off for every race until they get rid of DRS so it's a 7 from me. Some really interesting battles but it always ends in DRS. Enough is enough, get rid of it.


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5. Boring from the first lap to the last. Vettel thoroughly deserved this win as he dominated like Schumacher. I know that people are always going on about how Red Bull is the best, but how much of that is due to having Vettel on board?


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I'm a bit surprised to see the largely negative views so far. For me it was an 8 or a 9, we saw a lot of good battles, with drivers flat out but also the possibility of trying different strategies. DRS did cut short a few developing battles and the blue flag incidents with Van der Garde and Sutil were disappointing. So much better than Monaco and Spain anyway. I'll go 8.


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Gutted how easy it looked for Red Bull, but a race, it actually happened, people changing position, tactics being based on relative positions.... A positive 8, albeit largely due to previous race disappointments, but a real positive for the season (other than Red Bull :whistle:)


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No more than a 5. Race decided on Saturday night, huge gaps between everyone, but a few OK but predictable battles. But a point at least for Bottas' qualifying performance.
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