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2012 Korean Grand Prix out of ten

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Well that was exciting wasn't it?? :rolleyes:
Quick rant: the inept tardiness of the marshals during the first ten laps effectively killed any chance of close racing at the front when everyone was close to each other. Set the tone for the rest of the race.
4 from me. Would have been a 2 but Vettel's win and the grid girls added a +2 bonus.
Well it will be nice to see the mean of each poll at the end of the season to indicate which of the races is considered to have been the best. My scores would need to be discounted, though.
There were some nice overtakes and action in the midfield - would have scored more from me if "winfinger's" tyres had let him down though. Sorry to all Vettel fans. A five.
5 average at best, the race was ruined by the yellow flags waving for seven laps at the start. Or else I'd have predicted a decent race. I like Brundle think the track has the potential to produce some good racing, however i'd move DRS from turns 2-3 to turns 3-4, I think it'd be more effective there.
I'd say 6 out of 10 and that is generous apart from the first sector the second sector is quite mickey mouse like Hungaroring where you can be stuck behind another car and lose 2 -3 seconds very quickly

they need to introduce another overtaking area around the second sector as there is no place for a car to do a lunge after turn 4

it seems the track is suited to the Red Bull once they get out of the long straights
Would have been a four but given the debate I had with myself about whether or not the astroturf on the side of Hamiltons car was actually acting as a side skirt and adding ground effect I've decided to give it an extra point so a 5 over all.
7 from me...

+4 for the tyre saving procession at the front of the field
+2 for the Toro Rosso resurgence (James Key anyone?)
+2 for the Hulk and Massa's drives... great work fella's (great Smedley radio msg to Massa...just in case anyone was unclear...)
-1 for the Nippon missile... watching them come down the straight that first lap... even though I had my eyes on the front 3 there as so much fast shifting movement behind I didn't even know if someone had hit someone else at 308 km/h
0 for the green booger hanging down Hamiltons right nostril for the last few laps...
A four I would say.

That's the lowest I've given any grand prix, since Singapore the races have been a bit stale, plus sacrificing my sleep for these poor races doesn't help.

6 for me. Some good racing in the mid field but the podium fight was a snooze fest. And I agree with sly, the early mornings was not worth it.
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