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2012 German Gran Prix out of ten

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I thought it was pretty good, loved the battles put up with Sauber/Force india, the battle for the lead heated up and the whole blue flag Hamilton thing was a bit of fun that we've not really seen before - oh and the loveable Seb throw a couple of tantrums is always good for a laugh :)

If I was allowed to comment on the Red Bull situation I would give it a one as they shouldn't have been allowed to race.
Not exactly scintillating but had its moments. I just like races, even the boring ones are better than nothing and this wasn't that boring. Even better, now Seb has been put in his place :D
7 for me, interesting throughout the race but had the feeling it could have been better, particularly the last 10 laps
Average. Great drive by Alonso and a lot of guys working hard through the field. Thought Button coud have pushed harder - his car looked like it was on rails and I would have liked to have seen it on the edge. LH pushed Alonso harder trying to unlap himself. It just wasn't spectacular from where I sat on me comfy sofa. Might just have been the crap direction/production again. Anyway, just an average 5 from me. Sorry.:bored:
I thought it was excellent, just a shame that the fight for 1st place didn't quite come to fruition but there was plenty of action throughout the field - Hamilton unlapping himself was particularly enjoyable. Plus I watched it in Romanian commentary so didn't have to put up with Eddie Jordan, which probably boosted my enjoyment of the race :D
6 for me. Started well, very flat in the middle and the farce at the end spoiled it.
6 Just an average race nothing exciting happened even Button scoring some decent points couldn't make me give it more than what it deserves...

I thought Alonso drove well he had 3 world champions trying to overtake him and even Hamilton on fresh tyres couldn't do it...
Gave it 6 but borderline 7...
Had to settle for highlights but there appeared to be enough going on to fill the program.
Impressed with Alonso today and Kamui.
Button did OK to good and suspect that lock up on the final set contributed to him not doing as well as hoped in the last stint... sorry FB but I don't think the end was a farce; seemed pretty black and white to me.
Problem this season is that it's up against a higher than average hit rate of good races...
9 for me clean overtakes apart from the start and three constructors fighting for the win ...good to see Mclaren back on the pace
Wasn't really inspiring, so I give it a 6.5.

Flat in the middle of the race, then just nothing happening towards the end, apart from a false battle for the top 3, a bit like Monaco. Had potential to be a much more better race, but an eventful qualifying ruined it.

As TBY says, it was somehow 'unsatisfying'.
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