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2012 Chinese Grand Prix out of ten

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7 for me, first 20 laps were as dull as dishwater but the rest was good, particularly the fight for second!


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8 for me, tempted for a 7 but the latter half was great. Only down points was an average first half and Rosberg leading by 20 seconds from the rest of the field


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I always felt in the early parts of this race that it was bubbling up to be an excellent race. Even though there wasn't much on-track action, I found it very intruiging following all the different strategies and guessing where everyone was going to end up. And of course the second half of the race was excellent, the fight for the podium and other points was brilliant. Too bad we were robbed of Button chasing down Rosberg on older tyres and a fight for the win.



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Who is it that only gives a 10 if there is a safety car? They must be disappointed LOL


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Well I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Only unfortunate (race altering) incident was Schumacher, everybody drove well, no penalties no bad feeling, overtaking, flying, reactive strategy... I was shaking 10 laps from the end and elated when we got there. 10 from me.

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I have an issue here...

First 20 laps or so, I'd give this a 4... It was almost a Barcelona type race! Last 30 odd laps, it was a cracker! So what to rate it.....

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The first part of the race was full of interest, particularly whilst waiting for the Mercedes to fall off the edge of the cliff. The first pit stops being so early drivers were having to scramble to get what they could and fight to get past the later starters. Then the second half was pretty frantic.

The only downside was that no-one could get near Rosberg, had the camera stayed on the leader it would have been no more than two, but nine seems to be a fair number.


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Perfect 10 from me.

Just thought the race was awesome from the start to finish. Apart from Rosberg running and hiding, they was so much action going on up and down the grid that i simple couldn't take my eyes of the television. Possibly one of the best races i've seen since Brazil 2008.


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An 8 from me.
First half a bit on the dull side but no safety cars or penalties & some close clean fighting for positions made excellent sport.
I would've prefer McLaren not to muck up Jenson's pit stop so we saw a battle for first or the race to have been a couple of laps longer so we could have seen a Jenson/Lewis fight for second. But that's being rather picky!
I can't see me getting the same buzz out of the Bahrain highlights...
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