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2012 British Grand Prix out of ten

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Given the preceding circumstances and lack of dry running, I've given it an eight.
6, started and ended well, quiet in the middle. It was a more strategic race than outright excitement, still interesting nonetheless though.
mjo Yes it was far too harsh. For some reason I wasn't to excited by this particular race, especially the middle of it. But I have to say it was a 5 or 6.
But I think my initial reaction (and the poll's results) shows how excellent the races are at the moment. 3 years ago I think most of us would have given it a 10 and we would be talking about how amazing this race was for weeks and months.
So sorry for my childish vote just minutes after the race.
I thought it was pretty poor, the field spread out quite readily and there wasn't much in the way of incident. I've given it a 3 (voting on the basis that '5' is an average 2012 race) mainly because of the battle for the lead at the end.
7 I don't rate a race on individual or team performances only on entertainment value, it wasn't the best race but it wasn't to bad either, at the end I didn't mind if Mark or Alonso won as long it wasn't Vettel, so I'm a happy camper....
It was a pretty good race. The first 5 laps or so were pretty crazy and i'll be interested in seeing the overtaking charts.

and after I posted this I see the overtaking stats are up....nice
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