Poll Orange or green?

Orange or green?

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Not fussed - Green is a more placid and neutral colour with elements of connection to the Earth, but orange can inflame the senses (not quite as much as a good, deep red) and liven things up a bit.

It depends on the effect you are looking for - green for reasoned thought, orange for emotion :)
How about green as the 'overall' theme with orange highlights on the possibly contentious?

But then again some will find contention in all things!!
How about green as the 'overall' theme with orange highlights on the possibly contentious?
That was the original plan when we switched to this software.

My dreadful design skills however put a stop to that :D

I'll have more time to work on it this time around though, so should be able to get something half decent.
Green would be my gut feeling, but it's hard to say without seeing examples. Green isn't the most exciting colour perhaps but it looks professional, clean, easy to read and doesn't get in the way. I think it would be quite tricky to get something so pleasing with orange but there's no denying it would be eye catching!

Edit: Ok, I'm an idiot. After saying all that I accidentally voted orange :crazy:.
I'd prefer green, the old orange layout hurt my eyes (and was the reason I didn't sign up), but I like Jen's idea about the orange highlights.
Ok I realise this won't be at all representitive of the what we might be getting but I made a bodge job orange logo because I was bored and wanted to use my new laptop :)

CTA Orange Logo.png

I know the quality is bad but I worked with what I had and decided I hate pixels after doing it! :crazy:

Personally I think both colours would be good, is there no way of making a button were you can change the skin of the site? Or would that be too complicated/cost too much?
Multiple user-selectable styles are possible, but the amount of work to support them on an ongoing basis is just too much.

So it's going to be a single style only I'm afraid.
Looks like we're sticking with green then :)

I'm still working on the structure but I hope to get started on the colour tweaks soon.

I was secretly hoping orange would win, but I'm sure I can work some discreet orange highlights in somewhere ;)

Rules of Tincture allow orange, in moderation ;)

Also handy as a 6th Colour when plotting graphs (referring to your recent post about plotting graphs in connection with the one you put up Button vs. Hamilton lap-by-lap.)
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