Aston Martin "green Red bull"


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this Furore over the aston martin allegations. has me confused because line between acceptable cheating & unacceptable cheating.

because from outside ive seen team see items of others teams cars down the grid when it looks blatant they have just copied an idea they hadnt thought of & just thinking of McLaren F Duct, Red Bull blown Floor, Rims, FRIC system, Double diffusers, DAS (if it hadnt been banned) & made their own version or Red Bull/Toro rosso or Honda/ Super aguri
It's the usual Red Bull moaning. They're the biggest cry babies in F1.

They used to call it the "Purple Pole" effect. If an F1 car appeared at testing with a purple pole sticking out of the cockpit and ran quickly, at the next test every team would have their own purple pole. They all wouldn't fully understand what it did but they knew they had to have one to go faster.
I wonder how much "IP" all the engineers Red Bull poached from Mercedes HPP bought in their heads? I know Christian Horner has a job to do but he really is a whinging turd.
thats a great point. because if its in someone head you cant men in black them. & like i heard on 5 live if a new Aston Martin employee was involved in both. they are going to be similar because if you think thats the best way to build a car then your not going to build it different way

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i brought this back after something i heard from the on the grid with oliver panis. & how he laughs at all espionage claims in F1. because he says only difference between 1997 ligier/prost & 1997 benetton was ligier/prost had Bridgestone tyres & Honda engine. in all other ways it was identical
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