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what a race that was i saw it all the way through during lockdown, absolutely brilliant. i think should be law to soak the circuit before every Monaco GP

Johnny Carwash

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8 years ago today. Jules Bianchi finishes 9th in the Marussia at Monaco


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Richard Williams in the Guardian Wrote
"The stewards' ruling confirmed the belief of most observers than he had feigned a loss of control, halting his Ferrari on the track and stalling its engine in order to impede the efforts of rivals who were making a last effort to displace him from pole position, His reputation, however, lies in ruins. When Schumacher protested his innocence at the subsequent press conference, he looked out into a sea of faces ranging from the sceptical to the derisively disbelieving."

Schumacher gave a less than convincing defence. "I have to admit that certain things must have looked a bit curious from the outside but there were reasons for that and I don't really want to elaborate on it. It's not really anyone else's business even."
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