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Psychic Pete Sued By Formula One Drivers' Families

The families of dead Formula One drivers who paid rouge ventriloquist Psychic Pete to contact their loved ones have sued the fraudulent medium. An announcement was made at the BRDC clubhouse at Silverstone this morning.

"Of course I'm upset" said BRDC and Families Of Drivers Disputing Bogus Mediums (FODDBM) president Damon Hill, "He exploited the emotions of myself and my family."

Others claimed to have their suspicions. Jacques Villeneuve said he suspected something was off. "The version of my father that moron suggested used the word "désappointé" far too often to be realistic."

David Hunt admitted to being fooled: "He had James as the kind of man who spent his whole time in heaven shagging, smoking and launching rants against Riccardo Patrese. Clearly, he'd done his research."

Other details of the fraud reached Clip the Apex news. Ayrton Senna was supposedly unable to speak Portuguese as "he was having a conversation with Elio de Angelis". Pete was also tripped up by the fact he allegedly believed Count Wolfgang "Taffy" Von Trips was a "Welsh version of Dracula" rather than a German racing driver.

"Psychic" Pete has listed "Jo Siffert QC" as his attorney for the trial, and claims he will be available by "radio link". Fears of a recursive trial have been mooted, but one of Pete's team of lawyers, Juan Manuel Fangio, has moved to dissuade these fears in a phone interview with our reporter Teabag Yokel.

Hill, meanwhile, remains confident of success. "I'm confident of success," he told Clip the Apex news. However, it has been mooted that the judge, Justice Ronnie Peterson, is sympathetic to Pete's cause.



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HRT looking for a non pay-driver

HRT are reportedly looking for a driver that whom they will have to pay for.

The main driver on their list is Flyboogy, it has been stated Flyboogy is not in the slightest interested for driving for Horror Racing Team (HRT), the reasons why (in his own words (but we are newspaper don't trust us): "I have no interest for driving for HRT, I may be called "Flyboogy" but there is no chance I am flying in that car, I would not drive for them even if they paid me. He goes on further to say: "Even if they did pay me, I would probably have to pay the money back with 20% interest, also I find Polin Kolles creepy".

The 6 time F1 World Champion Flyboogy is preparing for his next challenge, which is mightier than getting HRT into the top 10, is to beat a Cheetah in a sprint race, Flyboogy will be running, not flying as some might think. Also, the Cheetah's advisors are Blavio Friatore and Fendermando Afronso, all we can say, is that it doesn't look too promising for Boogy with that duo advising the Cheetah!

Back to HRT's surprising news this is what Polin Kolles had to say about the matter:

"Yes, we are looking to pay one of our drivers, no one these days wants to pay to drive for us, I don't know why, most of the drivers reply it's because 'I am too creepy', I even auditioned for a horror film to see if this claim was true, turned out that 'I didn't have the looks', but I did get a call from Dreamworks to do the voice for the "Shrek" films."

With the 4 time World Champion Flyboogy uninterested (as he is chilling out with his flamingo friends before his big challenge ahead), HRT are looking at getting Lick Heidfield's services, mainly due to his beard growing skills, we asked Polin Kolles about this, he said: "We are looking at Lick Heidfeld, I like his beard, I feel that if he trains me to grow his magnificent beard I will get that part in the horror film. But to get him onboard I will have to employ Sakon Yamamotorola again, along with Yeah-rain Karthikeyan"


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I second that. Awesome RoB if Clip the Apex were a magazine it would be the comic strip and the first thing I turned to on a daily basis


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I second that. Awesome RoB if Clip the Apex were a magazine it would be the comic strip and the first thing I turned to on a daily basis
I'm going to see if there's something I can do about these "series" type posts.

Probably create separate pages for them or something.

Or possibly a separate "Comic Strip" forum.
That would be very easy to set up - we would just allow those doing the "comic strips" to post in that forum, and we would split out all of the relevant posts in this thread into a separate thread.
Each author would only post on their own threads, keeping them clean and tidy with just the content.
Anyone else who wants to start their own strip would just have to apply for permission to post in the forum.

Of course, that's only if there's a general consensus on it, otherwise we can leave the posts in this thread.

I've started a thread and poll on it here:

Please discuss it there.


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Colonel Gadaffi has apparently lost the war but reports suggest he has won 26 million Euros on the European Lottery rollover.

Lottery officials declined to comment but one EU official said "good luck to him, he paid for the ticket with his own hard earned cash, so he deserves everything he has coming to him."

A spokes person in Downing Street said he was not sure if these new assets could be frozen, however he would do his utmost to get his hands on the prize money as he and his wife had to abandon their holiday because of the recent riots.


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It is with great humility and some degree of smug satisfaction that Rooters International News Peep's can accept the remarkable honour of opening a new forum on Clip The Apex....​
Read more here:​
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Doesn't it just. More convolutions than Gaddafi's bunker complex. I was contemplating what to do about the weird connections that are now weirder still. Although, leaving it strange might prompt viewers to dig deeper into Clip. Pity one can't throw down a trail of breadcrumbs to follow LOL


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The sadness is in losing the badinage between posters, as Fenders pointed up in another thread.

A 'like' is great, but sometimes a post stirs a thought which results in another story. Unless the reader is on the ball, the continuity might be lost - but who knows :)?


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That was my main misgiving but it was getting messy and harder to follow through on some of the themes I liked to bounce off. What I'm going to do now is paste thread links where I'm "bouncing" as I go. Hopefully, not only will that keep it connected and tidy, but also prompt peep's to check out other posts they might otherwise miss. Worth a try, anyway.

Looking forward to an update from your Armchair research, Jenov.:)


My pleasure Fender. :thankyou: And somewhat coincidentally, I've heard that Peter Windsor will be back in the pit lane this weekend doing the interviews for SPEED TV again. I guess his banishment after the USF1 fiasco is over.

Edit - And just to be clear, Windsor will really and truly be back working at Spa.

I'm serious.

No joke.
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