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According to www.statsf1.com, and their methods of counting which Constructors are distinct from each other, there have been 63 constructors who have scored at least a point in Formula One championship history. It is worth noting, however, that constructors did not score points before 1958! And they will all be here in this marathon quiz.

1. Spyker's single year in Formula One had 4 drivers. How many of those four drivers drove for a team not based in Eddie Jordan's old factory at Silverstone?

2 - Christijan Albers drove for Minardi in 2005, and Sakon Yamamoto drove for Super Aguri in 2006 and HRT in 2010. Adrian Sutil and Markus Winkelhock have only driven for Spyker/Force India in F1.

2. Venturi's year in 1992 saw them pick up a point at Monaco for 6th through which driver?

Bertrand Gachot.

3. Chris Amon's Tecno was two laps down on the fifth placed driver when he scored their only point at Zolder in 1973? Which driver scored his first point after two years on 0, at that Belgian GP in 5th?

Niki Lauda

4. AGS recorded more no starts than starts in their F1 stay. But at which circuit did Phillipe Streiff score their best qualifying position of 10th in 1988, splitting the Williams?


5. Zakspeed's only points were scored by Martin Brundle. But which driver raced in most Grands Prix for Zakspeed?

Fellow future co-commentator Jonathon Palmer

6. Theodore's start in 1981 was actually not their debut. They had three years ago given a debut to which future World Champion?

Keke Rosberg

7. Hill were formed of the natural alliance between cigarette manufacturers and Graham Hill. Alan Jones scored two of their points, but who scored the other?

Tony Brise, who perished in the same accident as team boss Hill.

8. Super Aguri were formed as an all-Japanese team. How many of their 39 Grands Prix saw an all-Japanese driver lineup?

11 - their first 4 in 2006 were Sato/Ide, and their last 7 that year were Sato/Yamamoto

9. Larrousse actually made it onto the entry list for one Grand Prix in 1995, at Imola. What combination also appeared on its first entry list despite it being the third race of 1995?

Mansell and McLaren - almost as abortive as Larrousse's nonexistant 1995!

10. Osella finished in Formula One six years after its last point! How many Grands Prix did they start in this time?

73. Full point 70-75, half point 65-80.

11. Onyx got onto the podium through Stefan Johansson at Estoril in 1989, but at which circuit did Johansson pick up their other two points?

Paul Ricard

12. Rial's only points were the same result in the same country in two consecutive years. Where?

USA - first in Detroit, then in Phoenix.

13. Parnelli may not have scored too many points, but at which circuit did Mario Andretti secure them a fastest lap?

At Montjuic Park, in the tragic shortened race of 1975.

14. In the race of the first Safety Car use in F1 history, it picked up non-leader Howden Ganley of Iso-Marlboro. Where did Ganley finish?


15. Maserati only scored 6 WCC points. But before 1958, how many wins had they registered?

9 - 7 from Fangio, 2 from Moss

16. ATS (the 80s German outfit) scored points, unlike ATS (the 60s Italian lot). But both had a past or future World Champion who raced for them 5 times without scoring a bean. Italian ATS had Phil Hill but who did German ATS have?

Keke Rosberg

17. Leyton House were the official name for the team elsewise known as March for 1990 and 1991. They led 45 laps, all from Ivan Capelli at Paul Ricard in 1990. Name the other 5 leaders of that race for 0.4 of a point each. (2pts total)

Gerhard Berger, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Riccardo Patrese and Alain Prost

18. The British Racing Partnership was set up before it ran cars in the Championship to supply for which driver when he was unsigned to anyone else?

Stirling Moss. It was run by his father and former manager

19. Fittipaldi became a "new" constructor in 1980 when Copersucar took their money back home. Podiums came from Emerson Fittipaldi and which other driver?

Keke Rosberg
Yes, he seems to be recurring...

20. Dallara's F1 efforts with Scuderia Italia saw 5 Italian drivers and which foreigner drive for them?

JJ Lehto

21. How many finishes in total did Eagle record in their short F1 career between 1966-9?

6. One of which was a win!

22. Ensign recorded their only fastest lap in 1981 at the return of which circuit to the Formula One calendar after a 3-year absence?


23. John Watson won for Penske in 1976 at the Österreichring, in a race which went ahead without which constructor who appeared on the entry list?

Ferrari, who didn't turn up in the midst of Lauda's injury at the Nurburgring.

24. In the 1995 Hungarian Grand Prix, Taki Inoue was run down by the medical car. Who was driving the other Footwork?

Max Papis

25. Name the three drivers who scored points for Toleman whose surnames do not rhyme with "Henna", for two-thirds of a point each!

Derek Warwick, Stefan Johansson and Bruno Giacomelli

26. How many drivers started a Grand Prix for Copersucar in the 1970s whose surname was not Fittipaldi?

2 - Inigo Hoffman and Arturo Merzario.

27. Who was the last driver to finish a race for Prost?

Heinz-Harald Frentzen, who finished 12th at Suzuka in 2001

28. Minardi's last three points finishes were at Indianapolis; once in 2004 and twice in 2005. Where was their previous points finish?

Melbourne, 2002. Mark Webber, P5 on début!

29. Lola's attempt to go into F1 as a team in their own right was an absolute disaster. Which year did MasterCard Lola turn up at the Australian Grand Prix?


30. Stewart's only pole position came courtesy of Rubens Barrichello in Magny-Cours in 1999. Who was the only other driver within a second of his time?

Jean Alesi

31. What is the best result Hesketh scored when their car was not being driven by James Hunt?

7th - Harald Ertl in 1976 at Brands Hatch, Rupert Keegan in 1977 in Austria. Oddly enough, both races that required Hunt to lose the lead through disqualification and retirement respectively!

32. Porsche finished 3rd in the 1961 championship without a win. Who scored 3 second places?

Dan Gurney

33. Jaguar finished 7th in the Constructors' Championship three years in a row up to their demise in 2004. How many years did their replacement Red Bull Racing continue the trend for?

Twice. And then they only passed it on to Toro Rosso!

34. Alfa Romeo scored 30 points in the Constructors' Championship in their 1979-85 incarnation. How many drivers have scored more than 30 points for the team?

3 - Fangio, Farina and Fagioli

35. Surtees scored two podiums in their time as a constructor. How many podiums did Surtees the driver score in his career?

24. Half point 22-26

36. Vanwall's first race was the 1954 British Grand Prix. They qualified 11th. How many different constructors were ahead of them?

4 - the Mercedes of Fangio (1) and Kling (6); the Ferraris of Gonzalez (2), Hawthorn (3) and Trintignant (8); Maserati's quartet of Moss (4), Salvadori (7), Wharton (9) and Prince Bira (10) as well as Jean Behra's Gordini (5).

37. Alan Jones' victory for Shadow in 1977 came ahead of which driver in 2nd?

Niki Lauda

38. Wolf won their first championship Grand Prix as a constructor. There are 4 others to do so; Alfa Romeo and Kurtis Kraft opened up 1950 with wins in Britain and Indianapolis respectively, so name the other two.

Mercedes (1954) and Brawn GP (2009)

39. Arrows had 3 drivers who have finished 2nd in a Grand Prix. Which other team would you associate with all the drivers to finish 2nd for Arrows?

Those drivers were Damon Hill, Thierry Boutsen and Riccardo Patrese, so the other team is Williams.

40. In the gap between John Surtees win for Honda at Monza in 1967 and their next win with Jenson Button in Budapest in 2006, how many other constructors won a race?

18 - McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Lotus, Renault, Benetton, Brabham, Tyrrell, Matra, Ligier, BRM, Jordan, March, Wolf, Hesketh, Penske, Shadow and Stewart. You didn't need to name them all ;)

41. What was Matra's best non-Jackie Stewart result?

2nd - JP Beltoise (Ned 1968, Fra 1969) and Johnny Servoz-Gavin (Ita 1968)

42. What are the only two positions between 1st and 24th that Scuderia Toro Rosso have never started a race in?

2nd and 3rd

43. How many one-twos did Brawn GP achieve?

4 - Australia, Spain, Monaco and Italy. 2009, obviously!

44. March were on pole for their first race in 1970. In which month?


45. BAR historically scored 15 podiums. How many were in 2004?

11! 10 of which came from Jenson Button

46. Toyota's best year in the championship was 2005. Had the United States GP been cancelled, were would they have finished?

3rd - they'd have beaten Ferrari even if the fact they were on pole isn't considered!

47. Jordan's first Grand Prix saw Bertrand Gachot qualify 14th, but where was Andrea de Cesaris?

He didn't pre-qualify!

48. Which driver has lead most laps historically for Force India?

Nico Hulkenburg, whose 30 laps in the lead for Force India all came at Interlagos last year

49. These are Cooper's winners of a Grand Prix. Complete the list:

Moss, Trintignant, Brabham, McLaren, ______, P. Rodriguez

John Surtees

50. Who is the only driver to score a fastest lap for BMW Sauber?

Nick Heidfeld, who scored 2 in 2008

51. Which driver scored the most points for Ligier from a non-French driver?

Martin Brundle, with 20 points - fifth overall behind Laffite, Panis, Pironi and Depaillier

52. Sauber's two second places have come courtesy of Sergio Perez in 2012. How many drivers scored their three fastest laps?

3 - Kobayashi, Perez and Gutierrez

53. BRM's last points came as a podium at the South African GP in 1974, where 6 constructors got points. For three-fifths of a point each, name the other five. (3 points available!)

Brabham (Reutemann, winner), McLaren (Hailwood, 3rd), Tyrrell (Depallier, 4th), March (Stuck, 5th), Iso-Marlboro (Merzaro, 6th).

If you said "Williams" instead of Iso-Marlboro, you can have three-tenths of a point for that!

54. Tyrrell were on pole for their first Grand Prix in Canada in 1970. In which year did they achieve their first pole without Jackie Stewart at the wheel?

1974 - Depailler at Anderstorp

55. Gerhard Berger and Benetton both have the same first and last wins. How many other drivers won their first race for Benetton?

3 - Nannini, Schumacher and Herbert. Nelson Piquet is the only winner with Benetton who didn't win his first race with the team!

56. Which two drivers have only won one race for Mercedes?

Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton. Half a point each.

57. Which is the only nationality to boast two different drivers winning in a Brabham?

Brazilian - Pace and Piquet

58. Which circuit was Renault's last win on?

Fuji Speedway in 2008

59. Romain Grosjean is the first Frenchman to score a podium for Lotus. True or false.


60. Name all of Red Bull's 6 drivers to get a point!

Vettel - I'm not giving you points for that. But well done!
Webber - 0.03 pts
Coulthard - 0.12 points
Klien - 0.2 points
Liuzzi - 0.2 points
Doornbos - 0.45 points

61. Do Williams have more poles, wins or fastest laps?

Fastest laps (114-127-131)

62. How many times have McLaren finished off the Constructors' Championship podium since 1998 (not including 2013)?

Twice - 2004 and 2007

63. Which driver scored Ferrari's 200th pole?

Kimi Raikkonen, in Magny-Cours in 2008
If I didn't get confused, got 26.25. Three questions with partial points: got 3 of Paul Ricard leaders 1990 (1.2), one of Mercedes single GP winners (0.5) and RBR drivers except Doornbos (0.55)
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