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What do we know about 2014. Well, here's the things Wikipedia does not rate [citation needed].


So, with those assumed to be contracts in place, and me simultaneously team principal of all of the teams with seats available this is what would happen:
  • So the hottest seat available would be the Red Bull Webber replacement. While bringing in Daniel Ricciardo may just signal they want an Australian who will go backwards in the race but at least wait until he's got past Turn One to do so, you'd have to go with Raikkonen, wouldn't you?
  • The next seat everyone would want would be at Ferrari. Bianchi is my choice for that one, he looks a real talent, but if he's not he could always make a Ferrari number 2... :p
  • So, to Lotus. Hulkenburg would be an excellent choice, while I think Grosjean has shown just enough potential to get a third and final chance to show himself.
  • That second Force India slot, then. I would want to stop taking the safe option if I was them, and throw Felipe Nasr into the seat, just to see what happens. Di Resta is solid enough anyway...
  • Well, if I was Sauber and I relied on Russian sponsorship, I would fast-track Sirotkin into the race seat, and go for Petrov if he was unable to do so. I'd want a bit of experience alongside, so Massa would hold onto his F1 place.
  • Toro Rosso go their own way, so it would have to be Sainz and Felix da Costa...
  • Lotus should take on Vergne as a reserve "pour encourager les fous premier tours".
  • Williams-Mercedes, eh? Hopefully that sponsorship money would allow a combination of Bottas and Sam Bird, which might just curry favour with some engine suppliers...
  • Hopefully, Caterham have met some Dutch sponsors this year; if I were Fernandes, I'd be trying to say that van der Garde is good, but maybe Frijns would be better, no?
  • As for Marussia, I might give a shot to GP2 leader Colletti and I suppose I'd have to try to keep the damn team afloat as well. Maldonado is a Grand Prix winner...


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Di Resta can still leave Force India even though he has contract with the team

By virtue of having Ferrari engines Marussia would probably have Bianchi for another season unless they intend to drop swap him for Massa
No room for last year's GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi then, teabagyokel ?
Personally, I'd put him in before either Hulkenberg (never really yet convinced me that he has that special something) or Grosjean (still too many brain fades).
Hmm... couldn't think where I'd put him. I truly believe Hulkenburg is a special talent; maybe Hungary proves Grosjean is just never going to stitch it all together.
My 2014 lineup would be something like this.

Red Bull: Vettel, Alonso
Ferrari: Webber, Rosberg
Mercedes: Hamilton, Hulkenberg
McLaren: Button, Perez
Lotus: Raikkonen, Di Resta
Force India: Grosjean, Bottas
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo, Buemi
Sauber: Kovaleinen, Massa
Williams: Maldonado, Vergne
Caterham: Pic, Bianchi
Marussia: two drivers with lots of money
Bernie has dropped the hint India may not be dropped for 2014 - good riddance then because the BBC always highlight the race is held for the wrong reasons in an area where everyone is actually very poor
Well, The Pits... I am a little tired and not feeling so creative. Sorry, dude! The thought was, "if not Fernando or Lewis, then who?" Nico, yes, plus someone whose quality is well known that would be a benchmark.

Id like JB to do another year vs Perez, which didn't leave much in the 'known quantity and good enough for the prancing horse' bucket. They teamed up in Nicos first year and were close. It would be good to take another measure of Rosberg. Mark might fancy it, but I think Keke's kid would come out on top.

Your go mate!
Red Bull: Vettel, Raikkonen
Ferrari: Alonso, Bianchi
Mercedes: Hamilton, Rosberg
Lotus: Grosjean, Hulkenberg
Force India: di Resta, Vergne
McLaren: Button, Perez
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo, da Costa
Sauber: Gutierrez, Petrov
Williams: Bottas, Magnussen
Caterham: Pic, Kovalainen
Marussia: Valsecchi, Maldonado
Scorpion: Qinghua, Nasr

yes I included Scorpion hahaha
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ok I'll play.

Red Bull: Vettel Alonso
Merc: Hamiltin Rosberg
Tean Enstone: Grosjean Vergne
Ferrari: Hulkenberg Bianchi
Mclaren: Button Perez
Force India: Di Resta Nasr
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo Felix Da Costa
Williams: Maldonado Bottas
Sauber: Kuvyt Sirotkin
Caterham: Rossi Stevens
Marussia: Elinas Quaiffe-Hobbs
A Hulkenberg/Bianchi pairing could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Ferrari. Two young talents hungry for results? Might revitalise the whole stale Marenello situation.
Bernie has dropped the hint India may not be dropped for 2014 - good riddance then because the BBC always highlight the race is held for the wrong reasons in an area where everyone is actually very poor

Looks like India has been dropped for 2014, back in 2015.

The threat by the Indian government to tax the competing teams 1/19 of their entire annual revenues probably didn't help.
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