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Did I miss Kimi out? Blimey. Got to carried away with Alonso to Red Bull (ahem). Prob best to put Vergne back at Toro Rosso and let Kimi keep his seat then


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Red Bull: Vettel, Raikkonen
Ferrari: Alonso, Massa
Mercedes: Hamilton, Rosberg
Lotus: Grosjean, Valsecchi
Force India: Di Resta, Sutil
McLaren: Button, Perez
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo, Kyvat
Sauber: Hulkenberg, Sirotkin
Williams: Bottas, Maldonado
Marussia: Bianchi, Kovalienen

You may notice lack of Caterham, I feel TF may have had enough of F1 and plodding along at the back and close the garage doors.


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If India has indeed been dropped, that is bad news for [bg=#FF0000]❶[/bg] of the drivers out there.
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That would be interesting. Gerhard Berger is the only driver in recent history I can recall going back to Ferrari.


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Kimi seems to be back in F1 on his own terms now and dosn't have much to prove. Where as before he seemed weighed down by the job of being a Scuderia driver, perhaps if he went back it would just be a case of rock up and drive.

He's proven this season that after his time out of F1, he's still got "it" and his performances clearly justify a seat at any of the top teams.

McLaren never suited his style or personality, and Red Bull seems like the best fit but, given the chance to lead a Ferrari team on his terms, would have to be a seriously tempting offer. Get a young gun in to replace Massa and with a blank sheet on the technical front given the new regulations, it could see an up turn in fortunes.

It still begs the question, could Alonso and Vettel work together? As I've said before, I could say that racing relationship going the same way as Prost / Senna but it would be an awesome thing to watch.

The best thing is, that with the new engine regs, which will significantly change the way the cars handle and are driven, it's all bets are off. So, what seems like the plum move this season could turn out to be a dumb move next year.
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I know I put aside mundane realities in my lineup - Webber changing his mind and showing up at Maranello - but RasputinLives, you have gone to a whole new level. The Pits was right... I was so limited in my thinking! LOL


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So, I have expanded my mind. This is what I would really like to see in 2014.

Red Bull: Vettel, Senna
Ferrari: Alonso, Mansell
Mercedes: Rosberg, Rosberg
Lotus: Stewart, Raikkonen
McLaren: Hamilton, Hakkinen
Williams: Clark, Prost
Force India: Schumacher, Villeneuve G
Sauber: Kubica, Alesi
Toro Rosso: Beloff, Button
Caterham: Hill, Hill
Marussia: Nakajima, Inoue


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I'd not want to see that jez101 - so many Champions. I'd go for:

RBR: Heidfeld, Coulthard
Ferarri: Massa, Fisichella
McLaren: Montoya, Panis
Lotus: Grosjean, Trulli
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg, Frentzen
Force India: Barrichello, Irvine
Sauber: Johansson, Jarier
Toro Rosso: Berger, Alesi
Williams: Ralf Schumacher, Nannini
Caterham: Herbert, Verstappen
Marussia: Gachot, Sato

Because ONE of them would have to win the title,,,


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That's a bit distorted from the actual facts, as CTA's FF1 is a management game the winner is actually getting the McLaren team principle role.
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