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Johnny Carwash

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Not a big follower of Moto GP but well done to Cal Crutchlow on getting pole position, hope he has a good race tomorrow and get's the race win.


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A good race despite Cal not winning, always good to see the cheerful Italian on the top step.
Rider of the day has to go to Lorenzo, now that's commitment for you. Poor chap looked in so much pain at the end.
I could do with some adivce here guys & gals... I want to take my dad to see the British race at Silverstone in September.
If anyone's been can you recommend the best place to see the action? Where do they do most overtaking? Or would opposite the podium be a good place? Or the start - finish?? I've never been to a bike race so I thought I'd ask the experts...
If we're really lucky Cal will win :)


Dizzi Bikes can generally overtake anywhere on track. If you sit at Luffield/Woodcote (either grandstand or general admission) you'll get a good view of the riders coming towards you down the Wellington straight, see the start of potential overtakes as they go towards Copse & see them for about 10-15 seconds overall. Plus there's a big screen there. I heard that the start/finish was moving back to Woodcote/Copse this year but I could be wrong.
Although I've only seen F1 cars at Becketts and touring cars at Luffield, and not bikes at all, Luffield is the beat place to sit for length of time seen close up, although if you want to see high-speed performance, Becketts is the place to go (but you won't see much of the new section if you go for general admission).


I've seen the bikes at Silverstone they are awesome, I've have even seen Barry Sheene ride there it was wet and it was fantastic, my dad took us when we were kids we didn't have a lot of money so me and a mate of mine who had come along hid under the seats of the Volkswagen camper van we were traveling in to save on the entrance fee, as you paid on the gate in those days the charge was dependent on how many people were in the vehicle, anyone who had shown up on a bike was allowed to go onto the track and go as fast as they dared around the track after all the races had finished, just like mad Sunday at the Isle of Man TT, I wish I had been old enough to ride back then I would have loved to have given it the beans around Silverstone with no restrictions, this is a fantastic memory for me....


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Thanks for the advice mjo & sharing the memories Mephistopheles - how jealous am I of that!!
I'll try and get Luffied grandstand tickets although Becketts is tempting too...
Boyle - I can't think of anything more scary than a tyre exploding on a bike, it was bad enough with the cars.
Do Pirelli supply the MotoGP tyres?? I may be of little brain but I can't see how you can mount a bike tyre reverse camber either so hopefully we'll get the thrills from the chase and overtaking.
My pie-in-the sky podium wish...Cal, Bradley & Rossi :D
I think it's going to be fun....
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