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Is there any place I can watch the highlights?

Or do i have to use the iplayer? The bold and trusted iplayer...which has random retarded attacks when it feels like it.


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Mephistopheles the red button is channel 301 on Freeview, I set up my recorder for the F1 practise sessions when I'm at work (& the BBC are showing them).
I thorougly enjoyed all three races yesterday, I really thought Scott Redding would do it for a while in the Moto2. Some excellent moves and tactics. The MotoGP coverage hardly showed Jorge whizzing off into the distance, the action behind was much better. So happy to see Rossi back in the fight & Cal mixing it with the best (pity he tends to start like Mark Webber), a shame Bradley binned it but I remember Cal going through that phase in his first year & now look where he is.
Vali looked like a man who'd had his cake, eaten it and gone back for seconds in the paddock afterwards...he hugged Jorge :o
I think this is going to be an awsome season in all three tiers of the bikes.


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Three excellent races again. Unbelievable speeds and lean angles. Probably fewer passes in all three classes put together than today's F1 but in my book every bit as thrilling and nail biting. Gonna watch the big class all over again on Eurosport now. Love it.:D

Edit: Only gripe ... amateur TV producer/director seemed to be afraid to show action further down the field. I had to fill in the blanks by keeping an eye on the live timing and using more imagination than should have been necessary.


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Please note: I wrote this as part of a post in a discussion about Perez so you may have seen this already but it was in a different context and I think it is worth saying here. So, I make no apologies for using it twice. Okay?:)

How about Marc Marquez this weekend at The Circuit of the Americas? Just turned 20 years of age, he.became the youngest rider to take pole and win a senior class motorcycle grand prix. He also set the MGP lap record for the Austin, Texas circuit. After a duff start and dropping back to third he got himself into second place behind his team-mate Dani Pedrosa, The two lapped within a tenth of each other until, with ten laps to go, Marquez pulled the pin, made a beauty of a pass, took the lead and went on to the victory. Jorge Lorenzo, trailing in third place, would have been in with a shout at the victory had Pedrosa and Marquez got into a dust up like the recent spats of Webber vs Vettel or Perez vs Button.

It was a master class in race craft and the tactics are as applicable to fighting in the midfield as they are to fighting for a win. It was a reminder that there is more to motor racing than going as fast as you can and overtaking at every opportunity. Maybe young F1 drivers should pay a bit more attention to motorcycle racing, They might just learn something.


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A festivus for me yesterday ... watched Bahrain ... Moto GP ... then Long Beach Indy ... even snuck in a replay of AC Milan v Juventus for good measure ... oh and the first half of the Chelsea Liverpool game ... missed the chomper though :o

Marquez is a talent for sure.... great call to put a hard on the rear rather than the medium ... great call for someone so young too ... but seeing these guys reach 338 km/h down the main straight at Austin ... some great camera work too maximize the effect of their speed... and the lean angles... knee and elbow sweeping the apex for Marquez ... 62 degrees from vertical I heard a commentator mention he was measured during practice and qually...


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Dani's experience will keep it a close intra-team affair. His weakness is his injury laden career. Although Pedrosa has a pretty good accident record most of his crashes have been bone breakers and he is carrying that legacy for the rest of his career. Marquez on the other hand has had remarkable luck. Having had a few more accidents he has somehow managed to bounce like a rubber ball and come away largely unscathed. I've watched both of them progress from their earliest forays in motorcycle GP racing and their records in the junior categories are quite similar although Marquez has the edge on Dani (and Vale' for that matter). I have no doubt that he is a champion of the future. How soon will depend on how well the factory Honda's and Yamaha's stack up against each other over the whole season.

Yamaha and Honda have very different characteristics suited to quite different types of circuit. The Yamaha appears to be stronger through high speed turns, and better stability under braking. The Honda seems to have better turn in on entry and traction on exit of low gear corners along with better top speed. Honda may finally have sorted out the front end instability issues that have wrestled with quite a few seasons. Both Pedrosa and Marquez looked rock steady this weekend on a track with a lot of elevation change and a couple very challenging off-camber turns.

Some of the circuits on the calendar are likely to play into the hands of Rossi and Lorenzo big time. It's perfectly feasible for Marquez to grab the title if he can consistently score, beat Pedrosa a few times more and thrash the Yamaha's on their favoured tracks. Although I'd be reluctant to put money on it, I suspect Marc will win the team-mate battle this year. but Lorenzo has grown up, has lost that arrogance that gave him his "snooty" reputation and has matured into one of the finest riders of the modern era. If I were a betting man I would put my money on him to take away another title.

One of the Alien's has left the room. With Marquez we still have four in the house. Having said all of the above, Rossi is on a comeback after languishing with Ducati so neither he nor Dani can be counted out.
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