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I know this should go in a new thread for the 2013 season but I'm a bit short of time (feel free to move this as appropriate)Silverstone has published a resume of the new MotoGP qualifying format.
Here it is for those who are interested:

A new qualifying format has been introduced to MotoGP, to provide more excitement for the fans, by putting more emphasis on qualifying times.
The difference this year will be that the times set in those sessions will count towards Qualifying, with the combined results determining whether a rider will participate in Q1 or Q2.
New Procedure
1. The three existing sessions of free practice will be unchanged, however, the combined times from those sessions will determine participation in the final qualifying practice.
2. The ten fastest riders will be seeded through to Qualifying Practice 2 (QP2).
3. All other riders will take part in Qualifying Practice 1 (QP1).
4. The fastest two riders in QP1 will progress to QP2, making a total of 12 riders competing for the first 12 grid positions.
5. The riders not in the fastest two places in QP1 will take grid positions 13 and above according to their times in QP1.
New Practice Timings
Day One:
- Free Practice 1 - 45 Minutes, Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
- Free Practice 2 - 45 Minutes, Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
Day Two: Morning
- Free Practice 3 - 45 Minutes, Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
Day Two: Afternoon
- Free Practice 4 - 30 Minutes, NOT Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
- Break - 10 Minutes
- Qualifying Practice 1 - 15 minutes
- Break - 10 Minutes
- Qualifying Practice 2 - 15 minutes
Not sure I like it, looks like a two tier contest which will mean the CRT will get less track time.
No, I don't like it.
It is unnecessarily convoluted I'm with gethinceri I don't like it but I do feel something had to be done about the old system which meant the only part of qualifying worth watching was the last ten minutes when the supersoft rubber went on...
My telly viewing of Qual goes like this:
Series link on Sky+
Forget that it's on
Remember it's on
Watch on x6 and pause/rewind for hair raising bits until final 3 mins before flag
Watch on normal speed
Sky+, ****ing ace.
Thanks to whoever moved this into a new thread, much appreciated.
I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the new Qualifying format is overly complicated. I'll reserve judgment until I've seen it in action but you would've thought a simpler knockout system may work better, however we'll see.
I guess it won't change much in the way of actual grid positions & it should make it easier to find a clear space on the track with half the riders in the pits.
I don't think I agree with FP1 being included as timed, this should be a session for optimising the bikes.
I'm really looking forward to the racing this year, pity we have to wait until April...
I suppose the idea is that I'd it rains half-way through the hour session then qualifying would have been dead rubber, hence the change.
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