More Button/Brawn trivia

Jenson Button has now won the all six GPs that his team have ever won in F1.

Thirty different marques have won GPs (excluding the Indy 500s). In very few cases has the driver who scored the team's first win gone on to add a second (or more) successive win.

Matra          Jackie Stewart     9 wins (all of Matra's wins)
Mercedes-Benz JM Fangio 7
Tyrrell Jackie Stewart 6
Brawn Jenson Button 6
Lotus Stirling Moss 4
Maserati JM Fangio 3
Vanwall (1) Stirling Moss 3
Wolf Jody Scheckter 3
Ligier Jacques Laffite 3
Brabham Dan Gurney 2
1. Moss' first win for Vanwall was shared with Tony Brooks.

Note that these are successive wins for the team, not consecutive race wins.

Stewart figures in that list twice and also scored the first win for March. Moss is also in the list twice and achieved Cooper's first win. Dan Gurney also won the first GPs for Porsche and his own Eagle team.

Two other drivers won the first races for two teams - Fangio (Maserati & Mercedes), and Sebastian Vettel (Toro Rosso & Red Bull).

BRM's first win went to Jo Bonnier, but Graham Hill then won BRM's next nine.

Winning successive GPs for a particular team later in that team's F1 lifetime is also relatively rare,
although we might imagine that Michael Schumacher would figure several times in any list. However,
the overall record belongs to Jimmy Clark.

25  Jim Clark      Lotus     1962-68  [all of his F1 wins]
19 M Schumacher Ferrari 2000-02
14 M Schumacher Benetton 1992-95
14 M Schumacher Ferrari 1996-98
13 Ayrton Senna McLaren 1989-91
12 M Schumacher Ferrari 2004
10 Nigel Mansell Williams 1991-92

Just to be clear these are NOT consecutive race wins, but rather consecutive wins in the list
of wins for that team. The above drivers won several times while their team-mates did not.
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