Monaco 2009 - Qualifying reaction


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Anyone care to predict what actually happened in Qualifying 3 earlier wrt fuel etc.

I personally think that Button is lighter than Barrichello, or he's pulled one out the hat from absolutely nowhere. I think Vettel is probably the heaviest car at front of grid (Hamilton will have as much fuel as his tank will permit - and will prey for an SC!

I think Raikkonen will probably lead into Turn 3 and we will then have a Ferrari probably hold up the entire field if Catalunya is anything to go by. It might be interesting to see what Vettel'll do if Button is not given clear track ahead!

Four weeks ago we were all predicting Toyota victory, anyone planning to put money on that now? In which other year did the Bahrain front-row also make up the Monaco back-row?

2006 - Massa [F] & Schumacher [F], Massa crashed in Q1 at Monaco, Schumi relegated to back of the grid for fraud!

However, I think maybe Toyota will not be as bad come Istanbul!

Lewis, hang your head! You just threw away your best chance of the season! Considering where Hami-Heikki has been this season, with Heikki in 7th where does that put Hamilton if he'd completed qualifying? Eeijit! I'm going to have a laugh at the crap at some other place, the nutters'll have a field day!

"Fuel" said DC when asked who would get pole. I wonder if he was right?
Car weights have been published. ... eights.pdf

Not surprisingly BMW and Toyota are brimful but McLaren look like sticking to the same strategy (2 stop?) for both Heikki and Lewis. I just hope Kimi beats Button into the first corner otheriwse this could be the dullest race of the dullest season ever in F1.
Looks very good for Brawn I have to say, Fat Bloke! I hope Kimi holds them up, we want a race. And we will probably see an [bg=#FFFF00]SC[/bg] somewhere down the line. Look, I'm getting excited by [bg=#FFFF00]SC[/bg]s. That's how great the Monaco GP continually proves itself to be. When was the last half-interesting dry Monaco GP? Rich people can gather wherever they want, give the motoracing fans a circuit to race on...
A very uncharacteristic mistake from Lewis.
Considering where Heikki ended up he had a very good chance to be right up at the front.

What's happened to Toyota?
They were challenging Brawn for the WCC not so long ago apparently

Another great job by Button but I fear it's going to be an extremely boring usual :bored: :yawn: :sleeping:
Having a quick browse of those weights, I would assume that Mclaren are hoping to make up a heck of a lot of places with Lewis. With him having both a KERS and a light(ish) fuel load I'm going to stick my neck out and say that he will either be in the points by the end of the first couple of laps or out of the race. I think Heikki may also be able to be able to make a place or two off the start.

If Kimi doesn't lead into the first corner I will be very surprised. Vettel, after a poor qualifying, will be praying to the stars that this happens as he will again be held up behind a Ferrari (or two) himself allowing Jense to scamper away as has happened the last couple of races.
LH has been put back to 20th place cos of changing his gearbox.

ferrari look like they finally can show their real speed, lets hope they'll get to the finish. i know its monaco, bu already in spain, the red cars showed great improvement.
The BBC's estimate of when each driver will stop.

1 Button (lap 20)
2 Raikkonen +0.113 (lap 18)
3 Barrichello +0.162 (lap 20)
4 Massa +0.635 (lap 18)
5 Rosberg +0.691 (lap 17)
6 Kovalainen +0.702 (lap 18)
7 Vettel +0.769 (lap 11)
8 Webber +0.776 (lap 19)
9 Alonso +0.945 (lap 23)
10 Nakajima +1.929 (lap 31)

* Calculated on the weight of fuel left in cars after qualifying had finished.
Cheers Fat Bloke.

So even if Kimi gets ahead of Jenson by the first corner, Jenson only has to keep up with him and he'll be able to leap-frog him at the first pit-stop.
bro, fuel is just a prediction so don't take these pitstop laps too seriously. so far it seems the ferrari is much harder on its tyres then the brawn. that will be an intresting thingie too. lets just hope bernd can stay inside, but i think we will see the sign SC several times today.
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