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World Champion
i thought it was best getting this up now as im at leaving party so probally wont see mexican GP til tomorrow. but that shouldn't delay this for everyone else
0.Perez in a dominant car and with .much fresher tyres couldn’t overtake Hamilton. Tells you everything that is bad about the regulations. Hopefully the racing will better next season.
this year's pirelli tyres and the aero has made overtaking even more harder even on circuits like Istanbul and CotA..the Mexican GP has had rubbish races since its return

turn 1 even with the longish straight is not help at all coming off the stadium section

..they won't change the layout of the circuit so this race will be a snoozefest for many years
Fair play to Verstappen for that start but after that the race sank into a quagmire of nothingness.

Only gave it a three because the last 15 laps did at least wave a slight hope that Perez and Hamilton may have a bit of a scrap. Sadly it never materialised.

I just hope it rains all weekend in Brazil (well rains enough to make things awkward but not so hard the FIA shit themselves as usual and scrap the race)
I just wonder how much better the Mexican GP would be if they scrapped the Mickey Mouse baseball section, and made the peraltada a flat -out banked corner again….
i was 4, it was awful but nothing short of what we expected this was always going to be biggest disparity between the 2 title rivals all season due to how the engines work. the hamilton & perez + atmosphere did save the that race getting filed into the france, spain, abu dhabi category
4. Was tempted to give it a higher mark as it was a pleasure to see Max pick Lewis up by his ankles, shake him about a bit then throw him in the corner.
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