Mercedes and Ferrari in 'secret' Pirelli tyre tests

Uh oh...

Having said that I didn't need to read to know who the protesters would be
The only thing that will save any credibility for Mercedes in this affair is the fact that it is impossible to hide a 1000km tyre test in Barcelona. All the other teams must have known it was happening... don't you think?
Either that or F1 teams are even more stupid than I have already given them credit for. :twisted:
I am not so sure. Unless the team have people at Brackley and/or Barcelona. Also interesting that the motorsport press were unaware, and they have likely more sources than rival teams.

Interesting point that this raises however, is how do the FIA make sure that no testing is going on anywhere? could Ferrari not create an extra car, and ship it off to a secret location somewhere to do some testing? How can that be monitored if the team in question does not want it to be?
Well, the FIA knew about it according to the article and it was given the go ahead. I think this is hilarious, how the hell have they managed to pull that one out the bag, it's ridiculous! Sneaky buggers LOL.
Yet another farcical F1 situation.

The regulations apparently permit it, yet in-season testing is banned.
How can that be?

Whichever way you look at it, one team has had an additional 1000km of time on the tyres, not to mention they could also have used the time to check aero and all sorts of other stuff.

I can see this one going all the way with Mercedes ultimately being excluded.
They would almost certainly have done back to back tests with the current and new tyres. That will have provided invaluable information to the team with the cojones to conduct a clandestine 1000km circuit test mid season.
Is it a case of Pirelli either using different teams each season or using the team more likely to provide varying results from the new/old tyres.
But Mercedes have had this issue since 2010, is 1 test really going to fix an issue they have been unable to fix in 3 years?
Why Barcelona? Secrecy is obviously the issue here as another team managed a test earlier without any protests. Why not use Paul Ricard for testing? Logistically it is in a very convenient place between Barcelona & Monaco.
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