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You know the bloke... Little fella, ran a team once, no, not Bernie, what's his name, it's hard to remember as you never see or hear from him. Oh well, R.I.P. Max.
my thoughts on jean todt are well discussed & i also will leave it there. as i dont want CTA getting a FIA lawsuit for telling the truth LOL


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I don't think I've seen your thoughts on Todt being discussed.
i many years ago, blamed him for the death of jules bianchi. because that rain hadnt sprung up out of nowhere. we knew 8 days in advance that it would be very wet on Sunday of Japanese GP. its extremely rare that newsreader can say it with 90% confidence. that race should have been ran at 10am or 11 am local time to give as much time to get a race in & use the 4 hour window instead of at 3pm when sunset was 5pm there excuse is the promoters wouldnt change. i find it extremely hard to believe that the Japanese GP promoter on 8 days notice at early had more power than supposed most powerful man in motorsport

& also for telling the teams to go Bahrain for a GP while they were in middle of civil war. but then not have guts to turn up himself. because he was too busy trying to get reelected. bernie has alot of flaws but at least he said it was safe & he turned up

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When this came up on the news last night my son nearly spat his drink across the room when the said that his father was the leader of the British Union of Fascists and his mother and "unrepentant Nazi".

One of his complaints was that he had to live with the legacy of his parents. He also had to live the sizeable financial legacy they left him.

He did some good things for the sport, but also helped create the schism in the early 80's which led to the rampant commercialisation of F1 as Bernie got his claws in it. This has led to the cost spiral we now see, the inability of any but two or three teams to win races and the sword of Damocles which teams like Mercedes and Ferrari now hold over the sport.

I genuinely believe that anyone in his position at the time of Senna's death would have had to do something dramatic as it was an exceptional event. He did force through some very positive changes but the door was hardly being pushed shut now was it?

Anyway, rest in peace Max and thank you for some wonderful race cars from the MARCH team such as the 240, the 701 "wing"car and the 711 "high nose". Without MARCH many teams would not have ever managed to get on the F1 grid, including Tyrrell, Hesketh and Williams and we woudl never have had half the F1 drivers on the grid in the 70's and 80's without their F2 and F3 machines.


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Max and Bernie were hand in glove for many years, even in the Brabam days, it would be fair to say the ex Bernie Brabham team ran F1 for at least a quarter of a century, however Max did save motorsport from Balestre, it was in dire straights under him, Max foought hard for the presidency.
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