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Unfortunately he has no law on his side here. Also he will not succeed as Google will do what they have done previously when people have started this type of battle. They will filter out the images in the UK when a UK court tells them to. Then he will have to go to the US, Canada, Australia and any other maket he is interested in to get them to filter out the images there as well. Perfectly legal and following all court ordered actions, but prohibitively expensive even for Max.

The only people who will win out of this fight are the lawyers around the world who will run up extortionate fees and empty both sides wallets.
He does have the law on his side otherwise he would not be winning his lawsuits. Whether he'll succeed in stopping Google from bringing up sites with the imagery is a one sided debate.
If Max stopped Googling every day, the links would sink (or am I being naive here?).

What I don't understand is why would he bother? Yesterday's news about yesterday's man and there is no reputation to preserve after all!
As a rule the population in general is very anti-Max Mosley, some of it from his time at the FIA but most of it since and in response to his orgy scandal. Consequently just about anything he says or does now is ridiculed solely because it's Max, and ignoring what he's said or done, before or since, and like it or not his positive achievements are substantial, far outweighing the negative.

The good old British print media are actively looking for ways to whip up anti-Max hysteria, and the Great British Public is generally so thick about so many things that it's no real achievement when the media succeed in that.

If Max as FIA President upset a few people in motor racing by not letting them have their own way, or doing things the fans didn't like, fair enough, and negative comments laid against him in his job at the FIA are right and proper.
As for people's private lives they should be private, and just because the public has a prurient interest in such matters that does not, of itself, constitute a "public interest" to legitimise invasion of privacy. That applies to Max as much as to you and me.

That said, the principle that Max is fighting for is absolutely the same as the unprecedented legal action taken by the British Royal Family in respect of the "Kate topless photos". Is anyone criticising the Royals, yes, a very few, but most are supportive, so it's hypocritical of the public not to support Max IN THIS battle against Google just because he's Max.

And by the way, the "he/she is a public figure so they bring it on themselves" is a bollocks argument as well.
They put their rock star/film/sporting/personality out there in public and must stand or fall on that, but that does not mean that we the public have the right to spy on them taking a dump or having a shag.
Most are supportive of the royals because they were not engaging in kinky sexual activity like Max was. Invasion of privacy when the so called victim is engaged in sexual activity that most would consider not normal, even if legal, very rarely wins public sympathy. This was reflected in the pittance Max was awarded as damages when he took NOTW to court. He is a clever lawyer who knows how to work the legal system and the whole case has nothing to do with principle but a mission to mend his badly bruised ego. This would explain why he Googles himself everyday.

As far as F1 goes, the sport is much more stable and progressive without his influence, his previous positive impact notwithstanding. This goes without saying.
I have sympathy with Kate but not with Mosley. Kate was on a private holiday with her husband sunbathing as most other people do.Yes she's a royal and has to expect attention but not spying on her in her private time.

Mosely on the otherhand acted hypocritically-thats the part I find obnoxious about him. If he wants to engage in kinky sex with prostitutes, then thats his business but didnt he fine McLaren an unprecedented amount of money for bringing the sport into disrepute?? I think he did more to bring it into disrepute than Mclaren. He is unprincipled and abused his position to persue a personal vendetta. If Kate launched a campain against topless sunbathing and was then photographhed sunbathing topless Id take a different view of the incident.
The two cases - namely Max Mosely and Catherine Windsor-Mountbatten* are not the same, but there it is in the same cause - the intrusion of the press into the lives of celebrities in order to sell newspapers.

*Thank you French courts.
It was only a breach in Max’s eyes and the kangaroo courts he regularly assembled.

How was it a breach in Max's eyes alone?

Volkswagen found themselves in the McLaren position in a lawsuit brought against them by General Motors. VW hired the head of purchasing from GM, and he showed up to work with reams of confidential info from GM. (Sound familiar?). GM sued and won. VW's penalty--a $100 million fine and they were ordered to purchase $1 BILLION worth of part from GM. I suppose that was a Kangaroo court of Mosley's as well.
The VW case you mention was a lawsuit with which was eventually settled out of court (not to be confused with a fine) and was a case that involved the movement of high ranking executives between both companies. I don’t think there are any similarities with Spygate here.

A more apt comparison would be the case against Renault – similar circumstances yet no punishment. I’ve had this discussion countless times - Spygate was nothing but a big stitch up and it is no coincidence that Max threatened McLaren with expulsion when they indicated that they will take their case to the more credible court of arbitration which almost certainly would’ve wiped out that absurd fine. Even Flavio managed to overturn his ban in a half decent court. I’d really be interested to know whether you genuinely believe that the FIA under Max had credibility.
That's really not a valid comparison, given that Renault hadn't claimed in the first investigation to have conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of intellectual property in the team.....

But let's face it, this was a case of intellectual property from another team being in the hands of McLaren..

To blame Mosley is to miss the point - if you wanted to blame anyone, blame Ferrari - as they were the only people in a position to stitch McLaren up.....
If one of the chief engineers on a team isn't a "high ranking official", then what you consider it to be?

And the only reason for settling out of court, particularly when that settlement amounts to 1.1 BILLION dollars is that they fear receiving an even stiffer penalty, possibly including jail time, if it goes to trial.
Siffert_fan - I'm sorry but I don't see any similarities here. VW effectively poached these employees who came onboard with a lot of data which was then widely disseminated and helped turn around their market fortunes. The 1billion was a trade agreement for car parts. There was no fine here and this is starting to get wildly off topic.

What Renault claimed or didn't claim is really not relevant. They were found guilty of the same offence as McLaren and had initially denied the accusation until their engineers owned up
FIA admitted that Spygate originated with the actions of a single rogue McLaren employee acting on his own and without McLaren's knowledge or consent. The emphasis then shifted from possession of intellectual property to the sharing of Ferrari data between Alonso and Dela Rosa. Long story but obviously Ferrari run the WMSC not Max.
Max has basically said in this interview that as president of the FIA Jean Todt should stop trying to work with the teams and just force everything through regardless of what they want.

Rumours he also (illedgedly) offered to lend him his dad's squad of black shirts can not be confirmed nor will they ever be until I'm a lot richer than I am now.
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