Marussia bid to use 2014 car blocked by F1 Strategy Group


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According to reports this morning, it was just Force India who rejected Marussia's request.

All of the other teams voted to allow it.
So hang on. The team who were the big movers behind calling for a strike from the little teams last year as a protest to show solidarity and get F1 to sort itself out so they don't all dissapear is the one obstacle in stopping a team coming back from the brink and getting on the grid again? Oh well done guys.

Mr E seems quite determined for this to happen so my next question is: how difficult would it be to convert those 2014 tubs to 2015 regs? Taking into account that they already have the 2015 designs.
All for the sake of less than £4 million then. That won't be sufficient to save Force India if their financial providers (or even one of them) fail to deliver, I can't see anyone wanting to save them under these circumstances. On the other hand if Marussia can manage to get a car which can pass the regulations and complete one installation lap then as I see it they will get the money. It depends on how much time they are granted to do this.

I also have a feeling that the money isn't paid out instantly due to a certain gentleman holding on to it for as long as possible. How ironic it would be if Force India failed for a lack of cash because the payment was late.
My respect for Will Buxton just went up even more. He is saying exactly what we are all thinking.

What a crock of shit this decision is. My disillusionment with F1 has reached new heights. Let the sport die whilst they roll around in their pot of money.
Bill Boddy under the regulations they can miss 3 Grand Prix so need to be on the grid by Bahrain. I so hope they do it just to stop the other teams getting their grubby hands on that cash.

In fact if anyone from Marussia is watching and you need anything from transport to fricking sandwiches for the workers to help you with this then I'm more than willing to help just to stick it to em.
My reading of this is that a unanimous vote was needed. Force India voted first and against it, therefore the other teams didn't need to vote. I wouldn't necessarily single out Force India for this.
I don't think we are. I think all the teams are short sighted greedy morons.

When Bernie Ecclestone looks more generous than you then you know you are way past the line.
I believe that the administrators have to file the application.
I would have thought that Ferrari would have the been the first to vote as they would be on the hook to supply engines to the team.

With all of the heat being sent Force India's way I don't see why nobody is asking the obvious question: why doesn't billionaire Bernie just give Marussia the money they need?
Motorsport magazine, last month, pointed out in a brilliant article, just how F1 arrived at this state financially at the moment. They pointed out the biggest single factor in it all is that the more money that comes in, the more teams will spend. In recent times with the global situation being what it is, in order to sustain revenues, the biggest spenders approved a set of rules that resulted in financial canabalism. The big teams would leach the lions share of money and the little teams would get nothing. These events reafirm that point. Little teams be dammed until the next team in line finds itself at the bottom.
Probably another reason to fall out of love with F1:

Gp's in 2018, there goes Hamilton, Rosberg 2nd, Vettle 3rd and Alonso 4th......lets wait for them to come round for the next lap.,
It also accounts for the influx of pay drivers, who are really out of their depth in F1, which results in probably the weakest fields I have ever seen in the sport.
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