How to fix F1...

Haas are likely to leave, as they get little publicity and promotion, because all the TV coverage is on the teams at the front. If Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari were not around, other teams could compete, and get more coverage, similar to a breakaway in cycling consisting of teams who just want TV coverage

this sounds good in theory but it is very short termism & not thought through. because yes we have had many drivers that havent been given a chance in recent years. Ilott, Shwartzmann, Zhou, Ghiotto, De Vries, Rowland, Markelov

Toto Wolff says: “What I was always in favour of was not only the mandatory FP1 sessions but adding a race or two, where those young drivers or those rookies need to race, and actually being part of, for example, the Constructors’ Championship. Even more radically, if financially it can be accommodated, having a third car with a mandatory rookie driver. Suddenly we have a grid of 30 cars, and the smaller teams can finance those seats with funding from the drivers or sponsors. That could be very exciting.”

Christian Horner feels may be the blockage to the proposal, as he says: “There’s a plethora of young guys in F2 that deserve an opportunity and there are just not the seats to go round at the moment.

but the problem is having it that only rookies can take place, doesnt that leave us in a worse position because what happens if 5 out of the 10 really impress but their is no space on the grid for them & they have to be bumped off for the next season rookies. we could do with mercedes & Ferrari having their own Alpha Tauri
Issue with 3 car teams = mobile chicane

Clearly only Merc, Red Bull and Ferrari can afford 3 cars on the grid and maybe Alpine. The other issue is drivers affiliated with these teams - don't have a chance elsewhere

The 3rd car is essentially the test driver gutting more miles for the team to stay further in front
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