How to fix F1...

Bill Boddy

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Limit wings to something akin to this:

An extra bonus would be it would make Beau Rouge a challenge again. Not that Jacques Villeneuve would be in favour.


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I think the key is not to increase tire degradation but to eliminate it. We need tires which can be pushed on hard and don't degrade when you drive close to the car in front and try to overtake. Right now attempting to pass for a few laps kills the tires. Remember that race where Mansell was all over the back of Senna (Monaco). He would never have been able to do that with current tires.


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I would say that F1 first needs to decide whether or not to make the WDC meaningful again. If they do, then a spec series would be the way to go. If they prefer to stress the technical, as they have been doing since the turn of the century, they should be more honest and eliminate the WDC entirely, since, in the current situation, it is a meaningless designation, as it is 99% down to the car, with the only thing being proven is which of the two teammates is the better, and that is true throughout the entire grid.
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