Mad Max at Jeddah


Good day
Very Shocked at Max in His very Dangerous manner of her shifting and braking and did not move his car to one side to let Lewis pass , as instructed , knowing that if Lewis had an accident or damage he would be The Dirty World Driver Of 2021
He seems to think being aggressive and taking risks to especially endanger others such in Monza and not yielding will achieve his aims???? No this is not the way

Well Where Good race craft is the correct way and a clear pass to pass competing drivers is the way that fans appreciate.

He has Stepped Over A line and will be remembered for Bad driving and Dirty Tricks Driving

Also the penalty he received did not disadvantage him , where as other drivers making similar collisions have had a grid penalty or their finish position demoted
His sullen Podium and walking off says it all and can only highlight his petulant immaturity .

Other Teams and their drivers will not be so willing to let his dirty driving free rein and he attends a course for anger management

We must have consistent regulations/ penalties and the training of stewards to ensure this balance is achieved and yes what has been a fair decisions at other tracks should be considered also irrespective of the country or circuit

You have to remember that another driver had a very similar attitude in 1995 and got away with it though still questioned. Many think he was the GOAT, FIA has lost considerable credence since then and drivers are safer.
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