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Sidecar racers have the biggest cojones
This could cause something of a problem for Mr.Gascoyne next year.They have already given up their rights to use their current name and if this report is true they cannot use the Lotus name in any shape or form.

"The Lotus Formula 1 team is facing the threat of possible legal action over its rebranding as 'Team Lotus' next season, as the row over the team's name moved up a gear on Monday.

Group Lotus parent company Proton said it would take 'all necessary steps' to protect its brand after claiming that Lotus F1 boss Tony Fernandes has no right to use the 'Team Lotus' name in Formula 1 next year."

"Tony Fernandes has no rights to use the Lotus brand in the 2011 Formula 1 season, and we will strongly resist any attempts by him to use our brand without our permission and will withdraw our sponsorship of the Lotus Racing team."

Statement from the Lotus team:


This year, we have established ourselves as the leading new team in Formula One as a licensee of Group Lotus, and, although we all dreamt of bringing Team Lotus back to where it belongs, we could not do so in 2010 because those rights were owned by Team Lotus Ventures. As Tune Group has now bought Team Lotus Ventures it means we can now use the Team Lotus name for 2011 and beyond. We are all delighted we can go into 2011 with total confidence in what we own, and what we can take to the track."
I've been following this situation for a week or so now and I have to say it seems bizarre. In order for Lotus F1 to use the Lotus name they had to operate under license from Group Lotus. In order to run as Team Lotus they have to seperate themselves from their current license agreement with Group Lotus. Very strange insn't it ??

I guess it all hinges on what arrangements Team Lotus had in place with Group Lotus after they were sold by the Chapman family to Peter Windsor in 1990. If after that sale it was agreed that Team Lotus could use the Lotus badge and image between the two organisations then current Lotus racing could find themselves in a bit of trouble. If however, when Team Lotus was sold it included the image rights to the ACCB badge and names etc then the current Lotus racing should be ok.

I think the row has blown up because the new chairman of Group Lotus wants to get the organisation back in at all levels of racing. Recently they have signed agreements with KV Racing in Indy Cars, ART Racing in GP2 and have launched a GT4 car with a view to expanding that programme in to a fully fledged GT programme for Le Mans. At the same time Team Lotus F1 were also looking to enter GP2 racing with cars of their own. It would seem that the tail is trying to wag the dog.

Fernandes believes that racing is not within Group Lotus' remit and that he is best placed to bring the Lotus name forward in Motorsport however given that Group Lotus have retained an involvement in motorsport long after Team Lotus was sold (Elise Cup, Vauxhall Lotus Series and the Esprit GT car to name 3) then he's talking out of his hat.

This is not good for the Lotus name or any of the parties involved.
Appears that there is more than one team Lotus trademark


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Trade Mark No. Mark Text File Date Status Nice Classes Vienna Classes Image Picking List
E9289737 TEAM LOTUS 02/08/2010 New Application 03 06 08 09 12 14 16 18 20 21 25 26 28 32 34 35 41 42
E9251497 TEAM LOTUS 15/07/2010 New Application 06 09 12 16 21 25 26 28 35 39 41
1337455 TEAM LOTUS 04/03/1988 Registered 35
1338435 TEAM LOTUS 15/03/1988 Registered 35 26.01.00 27.00.00 27.05.00 27.05.19
2297413B TEAM LOTUS 09/04/2002 Registered 35
2538142 C A B C CLASSIC TEAM LOTUS 05/02/2010 Withdrawn 35 37 26.11.00
2297413A TEAM LOTUS 09/04/2002 Revoked 41
2542735 TEAM LOTUS 23/03/2010 Examined 41
Sorry to dig up an old thread but Brogan asked a question earlier wondering when judgement day is for the Lotus/Team Lotus saga.

Ted Kravitz has just tweeted this:

Judgement on Group Lotus v Team Lotus expected tomorrow, Friday, from 2pm UK time. Will have reaction on #BBCF1

Looks like we find out then! Hopefully it will be resolved intelligently!
Taking everything i've heard into consideration, i think Team Lotus will win this.
Tomorrow won't be the end of it, that's for certain, sportsman is right, the losing 'side' will appeal
That's good news then.... Personally, I find it ridiculous that Proton have essentially tried to jump into F1 twice! After they supported 1Malaysia, they should have given them proper support, rather than deciding that Lotus Renault would be a more convenient ally....

They'd have been better off buying Renault and calling them "Proton"....
I don't know how both sides have claimed victory? Group Lotus are the ones to have to come out on top. The only thing Team Lotus has won is the right to use the Team Lotus name for the F1 team everything else has gone in favour of Group Lotus.

This is what David Hunt supposedly sold to Fernades.
Team Lotus Ventures Limited trademarks revoked for non-use

Yet Fernandes said this.
The decision confirms that Team Lotus is the true owner of the full Team Lotus name and the iconic roundel, establishing in law that the Anglo-Malaysian team is the rightful heir to Team Lotus and all associated goodwill.”
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