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Max Mosley is due for re-election in 2009. There could be a chance that he may not get voted back in. (especially in light of recent events). What do people think a post Max F1 is going to be like?

Max was elected president of FISA in 1991 at which time there were 18 teams and 41 drivers in F1. An advance general ticket to race day at the Brit Gp would set you back £35 pounds. Currently there are only 10 teams and 20 drivers and next years general ticket for the Brit Gp is £99 pounds.


What is Mosleys legacy ?
Who is likely to follow him?
What changes do you think are going to be made?
What happens if Max wins the vote again?
Is the apparent souring of the Max/Bernie relationship a sign that Bernie is lining up/backing a new horse?

What do you guys and gals think??

over to you :goodday:
1) Under mad max, safety was improved, how much of this can be attributed to him is a matter for debate.
2) Not a clue, but someone unafraid to stand up and be counted would be nice.
3) Changes to what? If you mean changes to the F1 structure, probably none as the business model still seems to be working. If you mean to the FIA, we can hope for more independence and that the next president isn't in league with Bernie. Perhaps give those clubs with a higher membership more of a say, therefore making descisions more relevant to motorsport and less political.
4) All the larger clubs will leave the FIA as they are struggling at the moment to be listened to.
5) Bernie just wants someone who will give him what he wants and will sign a contract regardless, got to hope this doesn't happen really.
You can never tell what he's planning.

Remember when he said he was not going to run again last time and then for some reason changed his mind.
Max will be all set on retiring until he finds out who's being lined up to replace him.

Then the old competitive instinct will kick in and he'll take in on as yet another challenge.

All this News of the World business is just to satisfy his desire to win the game, whatever the game may be. Machiavelli's got nothing on Max.

As for a replacement, I strongly feel someone from the road car side of things - a retiring manufacturer executive, or sporting projects manager would be ideal. Richard Parry-Jones of Ford has been suggested as someone who the manufacturers would approve of, and who has been involved in motorsport at most levels.

For all sorts of reasons (not bias) I think Jean Todt would be an extremely unwise choice. He hardly presents an open face to the media and public. If he ran the FIA in the suspicious and paranoid manner that he has used at the Scuderia we could be looking at a major PR crisis every week. Balestre Mark II.
I don't think we can directly blame Mosely for the price of F1 tickets at Silverstone. The likeliest culprit here is Ecclestone and his exhorbitant fees, meaning the owners of Silverstone have no choice but to charge more to try and cover their costs.
What is Mosleys legacy ?
Saftey improvements, for course not to do with the FIA exactly, but his part with Bernie in the FISA,FOCA war
Who is likely to follow him?
Tough one, you have to Remember that the FIA covers more than f1, David Richards seems the perfect Candidate but weather he wants the job is a differnt matter
What changes do you think are going to be made?
It pependsoh who the next President is, but that person, unless there very media savvy, could ended up taking a backseat role on the press front, espailly with the sex scandal going on at the moment
What happens if Max wins the vote again?
I dont even want to think about it, It certainly wont please a lot of people, Ok Max has said hes retireng but it would suprise me if he goes back on his word, I think it could end up destroying F1 and for that matter od a lot of harm to other FIA series
Is the apparent souring of the Max/Bernie relationship a sign that Bernie is lining up/backing a new horse?
Its more of a case of Bernie trying to limit the damage to F1, If this means backing a new horse he will do it
As the FIA President is an unpaid role that excludes a lot of team bosses for whom money is one of their prime motivations.

I would include Dave Richards in that too. He's only just bought Aston Martin, he wouldn't want to have to sell it again straight away.
Just looking at this old post from back in the day, how do we feel that Life after Max is actually going? Todt hasn't been favouring Ferrari too much, has he?
I wouldn't say he has been favouring any one team or driver and a lot of transgressions have gone unpunished this season which would have attracted penalties last season.

However, he has had his head in the sand over the front wing issue.

Finally, he has decided to introduce a new test at Spa.
Why not sooner?
Why not at Hungary?

A cynic would say it's so Red Bull and Ferrari have time to revert to their old wings without failing the new test.
Hasn't Todt deliberately distanced himself from the sporting and regulation side of F1, and allowed the stewards and technical teams (Charlie W, etc) to make the decisions? I like that, sometimes Max had a tendency to shout off without knowing the full facts, before a hearing, and showed clear prejudice.
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