Kevin Magnussen

The son of former McLaren Formula One driver Jan Magnussen makes his Formula One debut in the 2014 season. He started his racing career in karting and quickly moved onto more powerful single seaters.
After early success in Danish Formula Ford he was soon competing and winning in Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula 3 before competing in the Formula Renualt 3.5 series and winning the championship in his second year.

As a product of the same driver development program that brought us Lewis Hamilton as well as a strong racing pedigree, Magnussen has become accustomed to winning at all levels of the junior motorsport ranks and will want to continue his success when he makes his debut in March.
Having watched him in 3.5 last year its safe to say if he can bring the form he showed there to F1 he'll be a force to be reckonned with. Has impressed me more than any other young driver coming through in a long time and even had the talent that is Vandorne to deal with and still made it look easy.

Kevin has an amazing reputation over one lap and is reknowned as being quick off the line. He has a certain win at all costs mentality which has let him down over years but he managed to cool it down a bit in the second half of last season and started to realise thats its better to come 2nd sometimes and win over a season than risk an accident and not finished at all.

I was not completely surprised Mclaren opted for him as he looks a great prospect Of course we have seen grear prospects fall by the wayside before so hopefully he can translate his junior series stuff into F1 and not feel too much pressure that his big rival Vandorne is waiting patiently to his seat.
Not sure what to say about him. Seems to come from nowhere before this season. Was not so impressive in WSR in 2012... Maybe he did mature a lot like Whitmarsh suggested. Let's wait ans see. I will watch him closely! :)
He showed through out his junior career that his one lap pace is up there with the best. Its how he keeps his head in races that will be interesting to see.
I haven't seen Kevin drive in any junior series, but to be on the pace with his first test run is impressive, and a good sign that he just may have the goods to succeed.
Like any team are running their cars anywhere near full capacity yet, these times are totally meaningless I see the same shit spouted every year come testing any one of those cars could go a good four or five seconds faster than they are doing at present.

Why do people read so much into something that is totally meaningless?
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The boy is good, no doubt about it. It does raise questions about F1 tendencies to go with "experienced" drivers who are not as "desperately fast" perhaps as some of the young guns coming through... A pity for the sport but maybe the Magnussens (and Kvyats?) of this world will change that trend and encourage team bosses to take more chances with hungry youngsters! :)
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Hopefully the combo of fast rookie and experienced WDC will not create the kind of tosh that it did last time. I think it is early days yet, but good to see Kevin acquitting himself in an assured fashion this early in to his F1 career. Too early to get carried away, but a very promising start.
HE JUST LOST THE REAR... Well, you see, it is a long learning curve still. Might be fast but need to be consistent as well. Good that the car is intact at least. Still eager to see how it will convert in Australia, comes the first GP!
Sutil for example, who has a lot of experience (but no genius that's a certainty) seems to struggle a bit more with 2 mistakes in 2 days...
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