Kevin Magnussen

The son of former McLaren Formula One driver Jan Magnussen makes his Formula One debut in the 2014 season. He started his racing career in karting and quickly moved onto more powerful single seaters.
After early success in Danish Formula Ford he was soon competing and winning in Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula 3 before competing in the Formula Renualt 3.5 series and winning the championship in his second year.

As a product of the same driver development program that brought us Lewis Hamilton as well as a strong racing pedigree, Magnussen has become accustomed to winning at all levels of the junior motorsport ranks and will want to continue his success when he makes his debut in March.
After his antics at Hungary I've decided Magnussen is a bit of a toss-pot.

KMag came on the radio at the start of the race having witnessed Hulk pretty much drive Grosjean off the track at the start saying how dirty it was. He then paid Hulk back in kind later on. It's petty I know but the karma pay back thing makes me laugh. I'm sure he is a toss-pot but all the best sports stars to watch are.
It would be interesting to see if Magnussen and Verstappen were in equally competitive cars and got wheel to wheel to just see what they would say to each other because both seem to have this very late defensive move that creates aggro for a lot of the leading drivers
Indeed Titch, he's been with her since Hungary, here's a picutre of her:

I'm sure Max did the same thing half a dozen times but only he knew they were actually there. Perez did it at least twice and poor old Sirotkin had it done on him by Sainz, crashed into Alonso and then got called names by Alonso to boot.

I see why Gasly is moaning but 'most dangerous driver on the grid' is it a bit much from someone who has been here 4 races.

We all know what KMags response would be anyways. What would you like him to suck Kevin?
I am still waiting Max vs KMag on the same piece of track both have the same hard nosed approach to defending so the post race comments will always be fascinating to hear who is dangerous
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