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Ok, Jos the Boss - it is decision time. What is the weather going to do this weekend, at Silverstone Circuit between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, BST? Your choices are,
a) dry,
b) spots of rain but not enough for inters, (but at least tv shots required of spectators with umbrellas up),
c) wet & dry (spells or running on inters / wets plus spells on slicks for at least 5 cars in each case) or
d) inters / wets for the whole race distance.

Your prediction / wild guess must be registered before midnight on Thursday, just like the other FF1 competition.

You man enough to play by these rules? ;)
Brazil was definitely a c) so Jos the Boss was correct!

Jos the Boss

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2012 and 2013 weather thread?
I think so, early forecasts say that Friday should be dry but there could be heavy rain on race day and a wet qually but I expect that to blow over for a nice and hopefully sunny first race!
I should have waited till tomorrow then it would have been a year since the thread was started!


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