F1 Weather 2013: The Game - Australia

The weather for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix will be...

  • C - Varied: 10+ cars do 1+ lap(s) on dry tyres AND 5+ do 1+ lap(s) on inters or wets

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Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me
Folks, it's showtime.

Time to get in your predictions for race day in Australia. Your choice is simple. A, B, C or D. The poll will close at 10pm on Thursday 14th. Don't worry if you missed the first round, you can still join in. You just won't score as many points as those who were working through the dark depths of winter here on CTA. :p

Anyone making guesses now without an earlier entry will be deemed to be twisting as per the rules below.

Here is how it works
You get two chances one more chance to guess what the weather is going to do at each race next year in Australia.
  1. your first guess must be entered on or before 31st January 2013
  2. your second guess must be entered on or before 10pm on the Thursday before the race. You cannot change your vote once you have made it.
Your choices are A, B, C or D as follows

OptionPointsNameDescriptionA2Dryno rainB4Threateningtv shots of spectators with umbrellas up, drizzle etc but less than 5 cars do a lap or more on inters / wetsC6Variedat least 10 cars do a lap or more on dry tyres and at least 5 cars do a lap or more on inters / wetsD8Full Wetless than 10 cars do a lap or more on dry tyres and / or weather related safety car / red flag / start delay
[TR][TR] [TR][TR] [TR][TR] [TR][TR] [TR]
Think of your second guess as the chance to stick or twist.

How do you score points?
Each race will be declared A, B, C or D and the number of points awarded for each outcome is shown in the table above.

If you guess predict correctly with both your first and second guesses , your points are doubled. For example, you say it's going to be dry in Bahrain and you stick with that just before the race, you score 4 points.

If you twist and change your mind with your second guess and get it right the second time, you get the points for the correct answer. So, if you say now that it's going to be B, 'threatening', in Britain, but change your mind to A and it is dry, you score 2 points.

If you twist and change your mind with your second guess and get it right first time, but wrong the second time, you lose two points. For example, if you say now that it's going to be C, 'varied', in Belgium, but change your mind to A but it turns out to be varied after all, you lose 2 points.

If neither guess is right you score 0.

Pre-Season Predictions
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I have to say I did wonder why you hadn't submitted Bahrain... :dunno:

I'll do mine before I forget!

Mysterious 10th round race- A!

Now to see all these fail by the end of the season!

The deadline has passed though ;)
You waste your time, again, again, again. There is only One, there can be only One, and he is Jos the Boss. You feel the need to challenge his brilliance, yet he could easily summon Prince Bira, Graham Hill and Chris Amon to perform an impromptu Strictly Come Dancing Special on the grid at Melbourne with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Cheryl Ladd and Shappi Khorsandi but he won't now, because you've ****ing ruined it and you'll have to put up with that rubbish ****ing Quantas flyby as usual. Idiots.
Reminder, the deadline is just before 10pm tomorrow. No guess means no points!
You get no points!
Can we not do it so if you don't submit a second prediction it is assumed your second prediction is the same as the first?
i.e. that you have stuck to your guns rather than twisting. This way you only need to vote if you are twisting. It would be a fair way of doing it if for example someone was on holiday and couldn't vote.
Just a thought.
Boring! :bored:

Inaction is no way forward! We want decisive weather people on CTA! We need to be able to trust their wisdom and know that they will make a prediction and that it will come to pass. None of this umming and ahing and indecision. :D

If you are on holiday, I doubt very much you will care about some silly game anyway!
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