F1 Weather 2013: The Game (can you beat Jos?)

Can you beat Jos?

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jez101 - I think we need to have a forfiet for anyone who is all mouth and no trousers, eh? If you don't predict, you will be entered with these predictions:

MELBOURNE - Freezing Fog
SEPANG - Persistant Drizzle
SHANGHAI - Blood of Mao
BARCELONA - Rain of Angry Birds
MONACO - Diamond Rain
MONTREAL - 100°C heat
SILVERSTONE - Plague of locusts
HOCK/NURB - Plague of frogs
MYSTERY RACE - Raining Red Bull
HUNGARORING - Raining Springs
SPA - Extremely steamy
MONZA - Snow
YEONGAM - Raining fans
SUZUKA - Godzilla
DELHI - Plague of cricket balls
AUSTIN - Rain of 10 gallon hats
INTERLAGOS - Bruno Senna throws money onto track hoping to entice new F1 team

See how you do then The Artist....., F1Yorkshire

RasputinLives will of course do slightly better than he did in last year's TMP


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Mel - A
Sep - C
Sha - A
Bah - A
Bar - A
Mon- B
Mon - A
Sil - C
Nur - B
Hun- A
Spa - C
Monz- A
Sing- A
Yeo - A
Susz- D
Del- A
Abu - A
Aus - A
Int - c


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Hey Tacitus , if you are going to add your name to the list of those who think they can beat Jos, you need to get your predictions in pronto, sharpish and without undue delay. If you miss tonight's deadline, you won't beat anyone (apart from any other lazy buggers who also miss the deadline, I suppose).

And The Artist..... I know you are out there. You cannot hide now you have stuck your neck out :D

As for F1Yorkshire .... I know you are also "out there" on occasions :snigger: but you were "last seen: Tuesday at 02:11" so I know you know what I know you know so squirrelling yourself away at this stage is not going to work!


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Brogan - Probably to confound Google Meteorologists!

Anyway, I can announce that we can provide a prize to the winner of this game. And, what more appropriate prize to award than The Weather. The winner of this competition will experience The Weather for life from the date of his victory. The Weather provides additional benefits which may include some of the following:
  • A Free Sun Tan with additional Vitamin D!
  • The Opportunity to Build Snowmen!
  • Free 100% Natural Water!
  • A Home Makeover courtesy of Hurricanes & Floodwaters Interior Wrecking Design!
  • Mystery Prizes (blown your way by wind!)
  • Natural Smelling Air Freshener!
  • Something for a British person to talk about!
  • Free Days off Work!
  • Days when that guy who you can't stand and who lives up a hill can't get into Work!
  • Overhead Sun Protection!
These and many other quite possible benefits are brought to you by The Weather*.

*Global Climactic Change may reduce the value of your payout. Many of the benefits listed here only applicable in certain areas, in particular the Sun Tan will not be available in Scotland. Mystery prizes blown to you by wind may be followed by irate owners and/or be crisp packets. Days off work may be deemed skiving if you work with one of those guys who'll get up at 3am and walk about 80 miles to work if the train is down just to make everyone else look bad. If you are British, you may still be deemed a frightful bore. No cash exchanges or alternative prizes. The delivery dates of each type of weather will vary. Clip the Apex are not responsible for any non delivery or dissatisfaction with the weather.


Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me
There is a reason for that! With this much time to go, any "predictions" are no more than guesswork. If I had left it until March then the long range forecasts would have given people too much info.

Remember, there is a second phase the week before each race when people can actually use real weather forecasts to predict what will happen. One of the result of this split will be to tell us who has Devine powers to know what the weather is actually going to do. The premise is that Jos is a wunderkind with innate powers to predict weather. We are testing the truth or otherwise of that belief, which appears to be strongly held by gethinceri at the very least.

Everyone is welcome to submit these pre race forecasts, even those who have missed the first stage. The scoring is such that they cannot win overall but I will break the points down so that they at least have access to.some bragging rights :)
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