F1 Weather 2014: The Game - can you beat FB?

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I do believe I heard one of the teams say there was a few spots of rain in turn so and so and this must mean I get off to a flying start in the weather game thread thingy...
Your choices are A, B or C. 'D' no longer exists.

A = Dry
2 points
no rain

B = Threatening
8 points
tv shots of spectators with umbrellas up, drizzle etc
tv pictures of the radar saying 'rain expected in X minutes' or 'it's raining' will count
for clarity: radar images saying 'no rain' or showing rain missing the track will NOT count
but less than 10 cars do a lap or more on inters / wets

C = Wet
5 points
at least 10 cars do a lap or more on inters / wets
or weather related safety car / red flag / start delay

No more changes. These are the categories and points for the season for better or for worse!!

I know what you men Mephistopheles , I was thinking about those messages as the race went on... But, there was no sign of drizzle on any camera, no spectators with brollies were shown and there was a radar image on lap 15 that said

Few showers passing 60 km to the southwest and northwest, but will not affect the track. During the race we expect mainly dry conditions to prevail.

So on that basis, I am declaring Australia was an A - dry.
I'm not publishing a table yet (because I lost the file and can't find it right now), but those of you eagerly awaiting the results will be pleased to learn that Titch , FB , Josh , Westy , Jos the Boss and Mephistopheles were all correct with their pre-season guesses.

Because they did not change their minds, they are all sitting pretty with 4 points, unlike mjo who changed from A to C and thus lost 2 points.
You can appeal as much as you like. Good luck getting the verdict changed though. :p
I wrote all my predictions down on a scrap of paper, which I now can't find, I shall turn the house upside down now to find it, or else I shall be hoping that what I predicted doesn't need changing.
If you want Slyboogy , but if you didn't get your pre-season guesses in you can't get the top points. You can still put in pre-race predictions on this thread, but it's a bit low key at the mo! :sleeping:
jez101 surely any new players can do 'preseason' predictions for future races excluding the current up coming race. The fact they aren't actually made pre-season seems immaterial.
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