F1 Weather 2013: The Game - Bahrain

The weather for the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix will be...

  • B - Threatening: tv shots of drizzle etc BUT less than 5 cars do a lap on inters or wets

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  • C - Varied: 10+ cars do 1+ lap(s) on dry tyres AND 5+ do 1+ lap(s) on inters or wets

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RasputinLives... Having denied Sly and Jos when they had hiccups, I don't see how I can accept your plea. I'm sure you did try and vote, its not that I don't believe you, but it would not be fair to the others and it would open me to a torrent of abuse from the aforementioned members and make a rod for my own back the next time. It doesn't stretch the imagination too far to see how someone who does just forget the next time could easily abuse any precedent now.


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On Wednesday I think it was pasta but your option sounds better. Everyone loves a good sausage.

Maybe we should start a 'what did you have for tea' thread.


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I had dinner, it was a Thai Green Curry.
My third curry of the week, I'm still not sure if I like curry.
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