Japanese GP Highlight Heaven


Sometimes I do these threads. Please request any Japan GP footage that you cannot find or might like to see again. I'm in the process of uploading the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix, which was a fairly notable event...

We'll start with some more modern stuff though. Here are the overtakes seen from the Onboard Cameras in 2011.

I've love this fight between Mansell and Alesi at suzuka 1994 in conditions they'd prob have a safety car out for now.

KekeTheKing I know that Mansell actually got past Alesi on the last lap whilst the cameras were on Hill and Schumacher. As the footage finding ace are you able to find any vids of the move?
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Found myself thinking about the incredible 2009 meeting at Suzuka the other day and I felt compelled to watch the practice sessions, qualifying, and GP all over again. Then I compiled a video of all the Offs, Incidents, and Accidents that occurred throughout the weekend. And remember, FP2 was basically a complete washout, so this video could have been much longer.

Here's an action packed 10 minutes though (video in next post)
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