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Sorry, I was not able to post the quiz yesterday...Here it is now though!

1. Who is the last non European winner of the Japanese Grand Prix?
Rubens Barrichello (2004)

2. On lap 13 of the 1994 Japanese Grand Prix Martin Brundle spun off the track and hit a track marshall. Whose car was the marshall moving off the gravel trap?
Gianni Morbidelli

3. It's not entirely clear who recorded the fastest lap at the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix. Who are the two contestants? (1/2 point each)
Masahiro Hasemi and Jacques Laffite

4. 2011 was the last time that drivers did not qualify within the 107% rule in Japan. Two drivers were not quick enough, Who? (1/2 point each)
Tonio Liuzzi and Nico Rosberg

5. Felipe Massa finished on the podium at the 2012 Japanese Grand Prix. When was his last podium finish prior to that race?
2010 Korean Grand Prix

6. Who scored his first ever podium at the 1993 Japanese Grand Prix, finishing 3rd?
Mika Häkkinen

7. Which two drivers scored their first ever points in F1 at this event? (1/2 point each)
Rubens Barrichello and Eddie Irvine

8. Which three drivers made their F1 debuts at the same event? (1/3 point each)
Tsohio Suzuki, Jean-Marc Gounon and Eddie Irvine

9. Which team did not turn up at the 1993 Japanese Grand Prix, following their withdrawal from F1?
BMS Scuderia Italia

10. Alain Prost never won the Japanese Grand Prix. How often did he finish second though?
Twice, 1988 and 1993
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Don't know about everyone else but a couple of easy questions in the mix would make these quizzes more enjoyable. Mostly I just guess rather than knowing the answer.
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Did Irvine not make his debut, score his first points and get into his first fight with a three-time World Champion in 1993. It's worth 1.3333 points to me!
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