Italian GP Countdown Thing


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Time for a letters game, I think!

For the Italian GP, the rule is that a set of 9 letters is generated by the end of the race as outlined below, and the longest word found by using these 9 letters in any combination but only once will be the winner.

In case of a tie, the first poster wins.

For an example of this you can see in action, view this video [ADULT MATERIAL! (ON COUNTDOWN!)]

The letters will be:

IT (for Italy)
MO (for Monza)

If A=1, B=2 etc., the Car Number of the driver in 24th at the end of lap 1 (if <24 drivers complete the lap 'M')

The second vowel in the pole sitters surname ('O' if Glock)
The first consonant in the First Practice winners' forename
The first consonant in the Constructor that qualifies 18th

A - Win by McLaren
E - Win by Red Bull
I - Win by Ferrari
O - Win by Renault/Mercedes
U - Win by Other

Good luck, all.
So the challenge is set. The winner is the person to get the longest word out of these letters:

[bg=#3333FF][b]I T M O M O B L I[/b][/bg]

Good luck!
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