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Would you be interested in a Competition and Social day out with CTA?

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I am thinking of organising a fun driving and social day for CTA members and wanted to judge interest before putting too much work into the day.

The idea is to have either a day or half day (depending on the numbers attending) driving on an airfield. This will involve Fast Laps round a course, skid course and slalom course. Each event will be timed and a prize will be given for first place in each discipline and one for first overall. (Rules and scoring to be announced later when details are worked out). The driving is done is normal road cars, though faster than average ones (last visit we did to the centre we drove V6 modeos, pumas, x-types etc) so no need to re-learn to drive anything too demanding. The location for this would be in Warwickshire area so central for most people to attend. Cost for the driving day would be around £50 for each person driving.

We would also welcome spectators and would need judges for each of the disciplines to make sure no-one cheated too much ;)

This would be followed by a prize giving and meal in a local pub nearby the driving site.

So, who would be interested depending on dates? Who would like to spectate or judge?
Despite being 33 years old next Sunday and racing in three karting championships this year, I only got my provisional driving license last week. Sounds fun but I don't think I'd be able to participate.
I will check whether there are licence conditions, as the place that runs the driving days are a driving school they may still allow it but I would like to be certain...
Love the idea but I just have too much on at this time of year to make the trip (bit of hike for me). If it was towards the end of the summer and a bit closer then i'd jump at it.
Just looking at my calendar and it littered with race weekends and most of the gas are filled with holidays, stag-dos and weddings. There a few weekends free, though, and I will be interested if it can work out. Problem is that I am pretty much jammed until the end of August.
Great idea! I'm currently unemployed so no issues about a date (at the moment). I'd have to just be a spectator and/or judge though as I am financially challenged and would be hard pressed just to cover travel to the event. Circumstances may change though so I'll follow this thread with interest.
I'm in a similar state to ExtremeNinja so not sure on license issues but it may interest Sh4dow85. She doesn't need much of an excuse to put her foot down and doing it legally for a change would be fun for her.
I have no idea what you're trying to insinuate there F1Yorkshire.... :whistle:

Is it a drive-what-you-bring thing, or do they have stuff there to borrow? Can't say I'd be too keen in throwing casually driving my own beloved GP round... Plus Warwickshire is roughly a 2.5hr drive from me/us anyways, so it'd depend on the exact location and how the pennies situation is looking at the time.
Thanks tonyw151 Indeed and that's a cool idea and happy to chip in for gas. I have a car on the road so I can offer the same. Having said that if my bike is back on the road in time for the day out, it will make for a nice ride out. That might be my last decent run on it before I've blown away my redundancy money!

It's good to have some options so we'll see how things shape up.
If my lovely wife allows me to spend £50.00 of our money I'm in, beware though as I have driven a big car and a little car too, so I will clean the floor with you all. Also, if you bring your motorbicycle Fenderman, I have to warn you that I have ridden one that does not have the assistance if an engine so I will mop, wax and buff the floor with you.
But really, great idea and if I can I will attend.
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