Hungarian GP race edit


The Hungarian GP race edit is up at F1 website. Lots more radio than usual, but then there was lots more action as well. McLaren and Ferrari radio feature a lot but none from Red Bull.
I have found the F1 race edits this year to be pretty poor, the last one I watched was the Spanish one I think...last year they were quite good.

Have they improved from early on in the season?

I remember they had a problem with the Malaysian one as they had to change the first song used.
the worst part is they keep on repeating bands which is annoying. last years i agree were fantastic. the footage in todays are pretty good though
If they put up more Pendulum songs then I am not too bothered :thumbsup:

But yeah, they have a lot of the american Indy rock stuff...half of the time it doesn't even go with the highlights.
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