How many pit stops at Singapore?

How many stops at Singapore

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I guessed two as traffic will be a nightmare if you want to risk dropping back into the field on a 3 or 4 stopper. But if the tyres wear fast here it could be a 3.
Big accident at turn one takes out all the cars except for one HRT. This however suffers some damage, resulting in multiple trips to the pits for gaffer tape to stick bits back on.

No, I don't believe it either.
It can happen don't you worry....

You can come into the pits, then go back out, then to fool your competitors, reverse back into the pits, and keep doing so.

Doing this, may surpass the 99 pitstop mark...although disqualification is a high possiblity.

But never fear, I will be one of the stewards, and I will, definitely, convince them all to not disqualify the driver who tries this!
I would vote for "two" but in answer to the actual question, "How many pit stops at Singapore?" I feel it will actually be too many and if we were to see all of them we wouldn't see any on-track action at all. So :thinking:, two.:)
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