Football How did you end up supporting your team?


I know many reasons will be geographical but there may still be some interesting stories.
For me, I amazingly used to detest football, but in 2004 I decided that I should support a football team after fluking a match on FIFA 04 (wasn't that a great game? - actually, it was crap). So, being a ten year-old boy, I could do nothing but jump on the bandwagon and start supporting Arsenal in 2004 (when they were actually winning something!!). So, from then on, I was hooked on football - but I wanted to see a live match. As Arsenal was a 50-mile trip and a few hundred quid away, me and my Dad went to watch the little known team called MK Dons at the National Hockey Stadium. Ever since, I was hooked, and me and my Dad have been going to as many games as possible since. The matchday experience got a whole lot better after moving to Stadium:MK - like watching a live match on your sofa! But the higlight for me was seeing the mighty Dons winning the Johnstone's Paint Trophy in 2008 at Wembley - a great day. It helps that the Dons play some nice football.
I don't think you can choose your team, your team chooses you. I was born in Portsmouth and lived there for the first 30 years of my life so had no choice in the matter.
After the Second World War, Old Trafford had a massive crater in the middle of the pitch, so United played their home games at Maine Road. They also played their first European match there because floodlights hadn't been installed at Old Trafford.
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